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Live-in Caregiver PR application sent in 2011 timeline, Welcome...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by JoyceLam, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. MERCI! Me too I'm on my searching for a new employer and hopefully soon be relocated to Ontario. I wish my current employer will let me finish my 1 year WP extension but unfortunately they don't need nanny anymore since the kids will be full-time in school this september )):
  2. :)It is moving to March 28, 2010...
    Thank God.
  3. Yeah they updated the dates. somebody told me that they process the applications on the indvidual basis. If somebody is sposerning the familly members then they take almost full time which is 28 months. But if the case is straight forward have all the papers then they don't take that much time. who knows but they are very slow it shouldn't be like that. If the person is already in the country it means that person is not going back without getting PR. so why they are give us hard time by extending the time limit.
  4. hello sharma80..where did you get your INFO about processing???? Are you been feeding us info from inside of CIC??? Please let us know where did you get all this INFO...and if you are not sure of the details or are just a GOSSIP please we don't need that...This make us more vulnerable to argument to CIC..Please be careful with your INFO ..
  5. ::)..if you have a valid visa and you don't have present employer, its hard for us to go out of the country , even though you have a work permit but you are not already employed to the employer stated in the work permit , its difficult for us to dealt to the immigration officer, because they will check it in your data if your work permit still valid...if your employer already reported it to the immigration or hrsdc then you have a PROBLEM...because it state in the work permit that it is only valid to that certain employer, if you are not already with them then your work permit is NULL & VOID....Hope it will help to our confused friends here in this forum...
    SO to my advice BETTER to wait for your open work permit before going home OR better to have another employer and a new work permit before going home or going out of Canada... :) ;D
  6. dear kablas99

    I have just consulted with laywer and he told me about that. Look we all are on the same boat we can't do anything about it. whatever I heard I am just sharing with you guys. There is no need to be upset. For Example: My whole family sponserd by my brother in 2008 and going through medical in my home country. I was overage and wasnt eligible in family sponsership category so I choose this way. if you go to family category they are showing working on 2007 applications. But my family was sponsered in early 2008 and going through medical. That thing cofused me quiet lot and i went to the laywer ( who handled my family's case) then he explained me every thing. he also mentioned that some times they don't show the exact timings because people bother them by calling again & again asking updates on their applications.
    I know everybody is stressed regarding the processing time ...................................... but we have to go wth the system.

  7. Thats what exactly i am saying!!!!!!!!

  8. payment for OWP is $150 plus PR $550 total $700 unless you have children 150 each and a husband another $550

    when did you submit your application? im also from montreal

  9. I sent my PR and OWP application on the 3rd of November 2010, i did not extend my work permit because the immigration said that it`s fine as long as I am still working the same employer,so my work permit expired Nov. 04 and my OHIP also expired the date with my work permit. Now my problem is I was diagnose with Gallstone on the 30th of January this year and was attacked again on the 29 of May this year so I spent my own money because my OHIP was expired. My employer and decided to renew my work permit so that I can renew my OHIP once i got my work permit, I sent my application for work permit extension on the 18th of February and they recived on the 23rd the same month until now i dont have my work permit.
    My canadian want to help me out this problem, now my question is: if i will get married with him can i get OHIP right away? i dont think so but i need more idea :)

  10. Hello everyone, I sent my application Nov. 01,2010
    received Nov.03, 2010
    Start processing Dec.20,2010
    until now i did not received anything from immigration
  11. Hi roseflower! I think you cant. Accdg to immigration... after you get married, your canadian hubby will sponsor you & it will take 18 months for the processing. Im not sure about the law now.. what Im talking is Ive done research last 2008 coz i was in your same situation at that time :D

    take care
  12. @roseflower i live on bc. bc health will let u b a dependent of a canadian citizen. u will b under his medicare if u are married or common law. thats 4 implied status. im not sure bout d rest
  13. Wed, again...
    Hope ::)
  14. Hi everyone, i am an open work permit status and waiting for my pr approval , i just comeback from vacation and i just want to share with you what the lady border officer at the Toronto Pearson International Airport told me about this letter of employment that some of our fellow foreign workers are saying that it is needed or a requirement before you enter canada,i ask the the lady border officer if it is really necessary for me to show to her my letter of employment from my employer and same with other foreign workers inspite of having a valid work permit ,and she answered me very politely that THEY DON'T NEED ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE PASSPORT, RE-ENTRY VISA,EMBARKATION CARD,AIRLINE BOARDING PASS NUMBER AND VALID WORKING PERMIT! i do hope that this would enlighten everybody that are planning to go out of Canada for vacation.

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