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How long they keep the passport - Manila Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by vinz, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. My wife just got her stamped passport. Finally the wait is over for us.
    Here's my timeline:

    Sent application to Mississauga: Feb. 20
    Manila embassy PPR: April 8
    Manila requested for additional docs: May 13
    Release of PP with visa stamp: Aug. 5

    From the time they requested the passport (apr. 8), it took 4 months to return it to her with stamped visa.
    I prayed the rosary one afternoon and the next day I checked ecas and it showed "decision made". God is Great!
    Good luck to everyone.
  2. heloo johnlee9210...

    That's great news! additional docs and passport has also been requested from my partner on July 17.. we hope it won't be long for us too.
  3. wow! that's great. Congratulations!
  4. It's IN PROCESS
  5. Where are you now? Are in Canada or Philippines? Why you passed in CIC Manila? You supposedly sent it at CIC Missasauga and then if your approved whoever sponsor you thats the time they will forward it to manila embassy.
  6. Congratulations Johnlee!!!! Actually I did the same. I always prayed the rosary regardless my application and it seems it helped me in everything that I asked for.
    Best wishes!!! Another happy ending.
  7. congratulations! I am still hoping that I can mine soon too.
  8. Hello all!

    I want to know how long do they keep the passport? My husband is still waiting for his passport back with a stamped visa. He got a request for passport on July 31 and he submitted it on the same day. i know its only a few weeks but we are hoping that he would get it soon, since the letter doesnt indicate how long shoud he wait, unlike others letter says 30-45 days till their passport will returned.

    Does anyone know about this waiting period?

    i also want to share my timeline with everyone.

    June 8 - Missaussauga received my Sponsorship application
    July 15 - request for missing docs.: resubmitted the same day
    July 21- Approval to be a sponsor, forwarding app to manila
    July 28 - Started processing for PR for my husband
    July 31- he got a request for other docs and passport, submitted docs and passport same day.

    we thought that once they asked for you passport, it would only take a few weeks for them to return it with visa!

    hopefully someone have the same experience and can tell me how long does it take.

    God is good and He is faithful for the desires of our heart.
  9. We got the same problem here. Actually, Manila Office asking my passport last February but until now I don't received feedback from them. My partner got approved last January then February they requested my passport. As of this time, we are still waiting the result. I sent them letter already to follow-up since it're more than 6 months now.
  10. hi vinz! i have a question. when they you received a letter from the embassy manila requesting for your passport, did it say how long your suppose to wait for them to return the passport back? some people says , their letter told them to " pls wait 30-45 days for passport to come back". did yours have something like this?
  11. Hi,

    No, nothing stated there how long their going to get back the passport. Basically, your passport will be return together with your visa. Actually, Manila Office has problem in this kind of process. They knew how long they approved the visa how come they asked the passport first? This could hinder us to travel to other destinations while waiting for this application.
  12. I would like to share this,

    A friend of mine got her stamped visa after 2 months since their passport requested to them.
  13. hi vinz - i was reading your post and you'd mentioned that you sent a letter to the canadian embassy- manila. did you get any response yet? i sent them a letter too but got nothing.....as i've mentioned before, we've sent the passports on july 9,2009 but still, we're waiting to get them back....
  14. hey guys,

    This forum is really interesting, i always keep reading on this subject because you will know the experience of the other. Well anyway, i need your help guys to answer my simple question, im sponsoring my wife from the Philippines, so do i have to change my marital status to Canada Revenue Agency? because when i request for the option C Print out(notice of assesment) of my income tax(one of the requirements to sponsor), i saw my marital status was "SINGLE". Do i have to tell them to change my marital status to "MARRIED"?

    Please help!!!
  15. No not when you ask for the printout if you were not married during that year but you should change of your status with Revenue Agency after you got married.

    Good luck!!!

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