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FSW - 2013 - FROM INDIA - Application sent from INDIA Network Here

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Vishwas Aggrawal, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. but it is a small company. there is no form 16.
  2. Even a small company should provide it , If it's registered....... Did you ask them?
  3. I had a discussion with my employer..
    he said that..he will be providing me the foll. (on Co. letterhead with employer sign)
    1. Relieving/experience Letter.
    2. Job description letter(just the end date will be changed)
    3. Last 3 months Salary slip.
    4. Appointment letter (i have misplaced the originals)

    Anything else which you people think i should ask him to provide???

  4. They are enough ...... But I recommend...,, include following too...,,
    If you can take Offer letter....... Copy of company ID...,,,,as well..,,,
    They all are solid proofs.......

    Coming to tax returns......... Guess you have rest of pay slips with you.,,,,,
    Approach a tax consultant or CA with your payslips..,,,,, he will will do rest to get you ITRs...,,,,
    Good luck :)
  5. thnks for your help joe...
    also, can i send a CSE to NDVO explaining them this scenario and ask them what docs they require in this case?
  6. It's always better to be on safe side.......I recommend to inform NDVO.......
    As they clearly stated to inform them If any changes occur during the process ......
    That shows our honesty..........besides, you can include all those copies when they ask you.....
    Good luck ...... :)
  7. Thanks for your reply..
    Am i suppose to wait till i get my AOR..
    or send it right now?
  8. I think....... It's better to throw a mail now....., Let's say..... If they (NDVO) not bothered about it right now as your file transfer, yet to take place........ But it still be in their database....

    Once you get AOR..........you can send them a reminder...,.,,, :)

    If I were you..... I do the same...... It's purely my opinion...... :)
  9. Thanks a lot for your reply... il do it right away. God bless u
  10. Hello All,

    I have committed a mistake and I don't know how CIC is going to take it. I did not send any salary slip. However, on companies letter head, my boss mentioned about my JDs, working hours/week, and my SALARY that I am drawing annually. I did not send any salary slip as it was not asked to be sent.

    I am little worried now. But, I think 'not providing the salary slips' can not be a reason for application rejection. I hope, CIC will ask me to provide it in future if need be. Moreover, I have sent a very up-to-date 'Proof of Funds'.

    Request you experts to please extend your opinions.

  11. dont worry.. your app wont get affected coz of this reason...
    sal slips are not mandatory. it CAN be asked by VO's at later stage.
    best of luck :)
  12. Need not worry......., If they need further proof of employment, they do ask you..,,,., then you can forward them.......
    There are many people who got through without payslips.........hope you included rest of required employment dox with your application..,,,

    Good luck
  13. That's right lids and thanks for sharing your valuable feedback :).
  14. Thank you joe99 once again.
  15. Dear joe99, I have included 1 reference letter from my current Organization and 2 experience letters from my previous companies. However, I have not included any salary slips, tax related papers as they were not asked to be sent with the application. However, I have included my 'Employment PF' as one of 'Proof of Funds'.

    Do you see any problems in my application now?

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