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Fingerprint 2013

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Canuto, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Hello to all in this waiting game!

    After all these year of waiting, it appears I might wait for another year again??? Because now my papers fall under the category of Non Routine Citizenship Application.(35 months processing) :mad:

    Submitted my application June 2012
    In Process June 2013
    Got a letter yesterday for Fingerprinting.

    I guess my papers are still stucked in Sydney, N.S. Does anyone got a request for fingerprinting and how long does it take to move on to another process? Or I should say, what's next and how long will I wait again after fingerprinting? RQ?

    It appears that, after Minister JK left the building the processing went a little bit faster. I was IN Process June 2013 then got this fingerprint request July 2013

    Any comments, suggestions, words of encouragement or condolences will be appreciated. :'(
  2. Don't worry. If you do the digital fingerprint and you don't have a criminal record, it does not really take that long for your fingerprints to be processed and sent to CIC.

    I was requested to do fingerprint and it was processed by the RCMP and mailed to CIC the same day I did it "the digital fingerprint".

    I even emailed CIC, and was told a month later that they have already received my fingerprint results from the RCMP and that they will contact me for the next step in due course.

    The problem that makes the application processing time unusual is in case of a criminal record.

    My friend has a criminal record "fail to stop at the accident scene". Therefore, his application took more than 4 months to be processed by the RCMP and an extra month for CIC to contact him and ask for extra documents in that regard.

    His case is still stuck because of the criminal record, which may extend his processing time to be unusual, as they still need extra documents to see whether his criminal record would affect his citizenship application or no.

    If you don't have a criminal record, don't worry about your processing time.
  3. Thanks Prof1 for the moral support. Good thing I don't have a criminal record.

    After you submitted your fingerprints, did CIC requested for another documents or the next letter was invitation for Written Exam? Did you waited about 9 months for the next step?

    Just curious about your friend who failed to stop on an accident, did he appeared to a court hearing and/or locked in jail cell? Or got convicted then just paid the fine and released?

    Again Thanks!

  4. Regarding my case, I was requested to do the fingerprint on May, which I did the same day I received the fingerprint. Then, emailed the RCPM and was told that they have processed and sent the results to CIC the same exact date they received it.

    Then I emailed CIC and was told after a month that they have received my fingerprint results from the RCMP and will contact me in due course for the next step. I am still waiting for the next step.

    Regarding my friend, he went back to the police station the day day after he made the accident voluntarily. When they asked him about the reason of fleeing the scene, he said he got scared.

    They did not put him in jail. However, he was billed out, fingerprinted, sent to court, fined for $1500, got his license suspended for one year, and got a summary criminal offence.

    This criminal record showed on his fingerprint results and CIC asked him to submit a certificate from the court where he was charged to check the following information:

    The offence was indictable or summary

    If it is over parmently or can be activated.

    If he paid the fine already

    If there was any other related charges to that case pending

    He got that certificate from court and sent it to CIC, and is now waiting for their response.
  5. I have also been asked for fingerprints.
    Applied april 2012
    in process jan 2013
    fingerprints july 2013
    lets see whats next :)
  6. Thanks! Keep us posted for any developments. Let's all hope for the best and a "miracle" to speed up our processing.
  7. .

    Failing to stop is against the Criminal Code and may give you a criminal record:


    And you must go t court.

    Having a criminal record or now has nothing to do when it comes to how long it takes the fingerprint results. I requested my finger prints 3 weeks ago. It is electronic. I have not received it yet.
  8. If you do not have any criminal record. You should be OK.

    I have friends have so many traffic tickets and being at the police station for fights. They all got their citizenship approved and got their passports already.

  9. Dude,

    Having a criminal record does extend the processing time of your fingerprint applicatin. I am not stating a personal opinion. That is what it says on the RCMP website. Go check it yourself.

    If the digital fingerprint screening hits a criminal record, they will pull your file to check your records which takes longer than the usual processing time.

    Regarding my friend's case, everything is clear in it. Read what I posted clearly.
  10. I do hire people at work and when HR requests criminal records, eventhough candidate has no criminal records, the time varies. The record should not necessarily hit a criminal activity (past or current)
  11. Sometimes it takes longer than usual for the digital fingerprint application to be processed even if the person does not have a criminal record for the following reason as stated at the RCMP website:

    If the fingerprints are very similar to someone else who has a criminal record, the RCMP officers will have to manually examin them accurately to make sure that they are not the same. This is called "the manual processing related to an application".

    In that case, the fingerprint processing time takes longer than usual awaiting in a queue for an expert officer to process them.
  12. Thank you. I am aware. No need to copy and paste from the website. When a manual process is involved, it may take longer than expected.
  13. If there is no need to copy and paste from the website, so there is no need to keep arguing over nothing. You argued without being aware of the information, and that is what you get.

    You should have referred to the website before coming here and trying to prove people wrong for no reason.
  14. OMNG relax man. I did not argue. I just shared what I see quite frequently.
  15. @professional 1 and @gm77 and @Canuto Any updates about the processing of your fingerprints and getting into the next step?!! Please keep us updates. I did my digital fingerprint by the mid of July 2013 and still waiting.

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