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Find available Jobs in Canada

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by admin, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Dear Quorx
    I and my Wife got our permanent visa and permit to work. Now we are planning to move to Missisuaga in June 2013 but we are kind of hesitating if it is the correct time or not. By the June what do you think guys about the ecomomy and labor market. Do you recommend; we put back our arrival date a little bit later?

    Now in my Dubai I am working as a Finance Officer with Govt Organisation and my wife as Customer care officer with another Govt organisation works for Human, do you think we can get a white collar job easily?

    One more thing Until We find white collar jobs we are ready to work at a blue collar job. But does it take too long?

    Thank you in advance

    Have a nice day.
  2. did ur medical done? any call from embassy? please confirm me, that u apply directly or through consultant okkashif at hotmail
  3. Hi everyone,
    My name's Sushant, from India. I am trying to immigrate to Canada for work purposes and to get permanent residentship but I'm quite unoblivious of the job scenario over there. I'm from the banking field and I'm working here in Mumbai, India for a well known private sector bank. I'm a team leader handling a team of 5 looking after the bank's Corporate Internet Banking portal. The profile is partially process related and partially system testing oriented. Prior to this, I was working for a internationally wellknown Fortune 500 company for a period of 4 yrs 10 months for the credit cards LOB as a Portfolio Risk Analyst here in India itself

    I was wondering if people like me with the above described profile have enough job opportunities in Canada to look forward to work and migrate there for real.

    I have made up my mind to make it here in Canada no matter what..I would not shy away to do any kind of work but I still need to know if my desired profile or anything close to that is available in the Canandian job market. It would be of great help to me if anyone could provide the contact email ids of Job consultants or agencies in Cananda. As also I would like to know which field have you established yourself in.

    So I'm putting forward my dilemma to you guys asking for your help to make me understand my stand in the job market in Canada.

    Sushant Anchan
  4. has anyone managed to find a job via any of the recruitment agencies mentioned? I mean a real job - not temporary/or survival job..
    seniors please share your experiences with the agencies - are they useful?
  5. have you found a suitable position in Toronto?
  6. Hi Sachin

    Please stay wherever you are right now. I was working as a senior HR Generalist in Dubai for 5 years and relocated to Toronto with my wife in Jan-2012. Till date I have not been able to find any jobs matching my profile. Forget jobs..not even interview calls. Here everyone wants Canadian experience only. So please do not make a blunder by resigning your job and coming here. Toronto has become an extremely saturated and competitive job market.
  7. Thanks for this topic :) Is there a way to figure out which businesses have LMO's while on these sites? I'd be looking to retail/cashier/customer service jobs. This topic is very handy.
  8. online job search does not help. i tried a lot at craglist, kijji & wowjobs. but didnot receive more than 2 replies out of around 150
  9. Hi.. I am working as live in caregiver for 5 months in Toronto, I am planning to move in Nova scotia as restaurant helper. Is it possible to get a possitive LMO and have my new work permit?.. if not, if i want to continue under LCP do i need to start again for 24 months to qualify in applying my PR?.. Need your help! thank you..
  10. To all job seekers...... a must watch video

  11. Hi!

    I together with my two daughters, aged 22 and 18, will go to Canada as permanent residents in May 2013. My husband will join us in September because he is still working in Australia as Pipe Fitter/Fabricator.

    We are planning to settle near University of Alberta in Edmonton so I can work as a librarian while my daughters study at the University. Is it cheaper to live near the University or I should look for a cheaper place?

    As of now, there are a lot of available library jobs in Edmonton. I just hope in May there are still library work available for me. Do you think I should apply now even if I am still oversees?

    I have tried applying via online but I did not receive any response.

    Hope to hear from you guys because I need your guidance.

    Thank you very much.
  12. Hello,
    I am finishing my job contract in Kuwait and moving back to Philippines,i was looking for a job as caregiver in Canada.I tried to look for an agency that will help me to find a prospective employers in Canada but unfortunately there is no available in Kuwait. i have a certificate in caregiver which i took in Lebanon.i am employed as personal assistant and caregiver of a private businesswoman age 50 in Kuwait for last six years.
    can you give me a some advice how to find an employer in Canada.my name is Ellen,am 28.thank you and god bless.
  13. These websites are of real help, i am a permenant resident now and very seriously searching for a job in chemistry field.

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