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FILIPINO NURSES applying for CNO REGISTRATION ONLY - English and Tagalog posts

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by paulferrer, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, newbie here.. Started my NNAS application for Alberta Aug. 13, 2015, now all my documents were received by NNAS except my IELTS result because I haven't taken it yet. My application status states "Ready for Evaluation" except IELTS. How long will it take before it will be ready for review? Or would they need my IELTS result before they can proceed to the review? Thanks.
  2. IELTS is one of the requirement for a complete application. you have to write it before they can evaluate your file.
  3. Hello everyone! Did anybody here applied for lpn in ontario? Just curious how long the process is nowadays. Thank u.
  4. hi! I'm applying for CNO-lpn..ready for review na nnas ko, just waiting for the advisory report..wala p kong IELTS/CELBAN, pnawaive ko lng sa nnas.

    Question: may possibility bang mkakuha ako ng exam for LPN sa Ontario without the language reqt?

    BSN po ako sa pinas plus 22 units ng MAN. then 2 yrs nsg exp. Sana may sumagot. Salamat mga kabayan!
  5. Congratulations to all potential immigrants and future Canadians upon victory of Liberals.

    Liberals are in favor of open immigration policy of Canada and appointment of new Liberal Minister for the immigration might help to relax the immigration rules and expedite the processing of existing files faster.
  6. I underwent the old process so it just took them 2 weeks from the receipt of my academic and PRC documents to evaluate my credentials. But I have a friend who underwent NNAS, her reports have been with CNO for more than 5 months now, still without assessment report sent out even with constant follow up.
  7. You can take the exam but they won't let you register sans english exam unless you can prove to them that your place of work's primary language was english. I tried to have the english requirement waived as well but I didn't even get a response from CNO itself so I just went ahead and took CELBAN instead to not further delay my registration. Hope I helped.
  8. hi, anyone who has a jurisprudence examination reviewer? would really appreciate it if you could share it with me.Thank you
  9. Thank you for you response KMLRN! did you took any bridging course for lpn?
  10. Hi,
    I am a beginner here. I have done my masters in nursing in India. I am planning to register in NNAS. Please guide about this process. Thank you.
  11. No. Also, I think CNO requires IENs to have recent clinical nursing experience. You need to be registered before your three-year safe nursing practice expires.
  12. Hi guys i just wanna know how long you wait till you get your assessment report from CnO?thanks
  13. May i know what did you do? Did you send a letter to waive your language proficiency?

    Also. I have 27 units in MAN, did you still include that as additional nursing education in your application?

  14. So that means, NNAS will still issue an advisory report without any language proficiency document? And i can still seat for the exam, however, later on, i can't register yet until i completed either ielts or celban
  15. Yes, basically as long as you send them a waiver letter. The College (cno) will have the final say on your registration process - if they will require you to take courses or just let you attempt the exam with all your credentials and all and safe nursing practice.

    P.S. I am talking based on my experience early this year. I underwent the old process for my RPN license.

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