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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Dear TJ,

    Did you manager to complete your application on your own? I am facing the same situation now and i wish to cancel my representative but not sure if that is feasible since i do not have any details on the account used for submitting the application

  2. Can any one please share the location of VAC Dubai, where i can submit my passports in person?
  3. hey guys.

    I am a Candian and I had applied for my fiance 's visit visa but got rejected. She is an Indian citizen living in Dubai. She is currently on her Dad's visa. We are getting married end of December of this year and immediately sponser her for PR. Since i got a bunch of replies saying the visitor's visa might get rejected again... So my question is

    Will her Dubai visa be revoked since we are getting married?
    Would moving to Dubai be wise to be with my wife till she gets her PR.? What is the job market like there at the moment?


  4. You have to show all the ENBD accounts you hold. As for the DIB car loan, you dont have to show as i also had a car loan from Noor Bank and they would directly debit from my ENBD current account on a monthly basis and i didnt declare anything.
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  5. From the man himself!
    Thanks bro! Your reply has given me peace of mind. Which stage your application is at?
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  6. Im at NA2 at the moment.
  7. Hello friends!

    Anyone apply for canada PR from WWICS Abu Dhabi consultancy?
    Please share your experience...
  8. I did,I got my pr through them. They are professional atleast for my case.
  9. Actually i hv applied through them...
    N i got really worried
    I hv seen most of the comments that they are fraud only etc...
  10. Yes even I saw the comments and got worried until I got my ita. In fact they were the ones who resubmitted my application because my points were low, I just has 413 points and got the ita in May. I suggest you don't worry, after I got my ita I saw how professionally they handled everything. Since when are you in the pool?
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  11. Thanx rumana thanx alot u cant imagine how much worried i m....
    Rumana where are u from..?
    I hv just started the process...
    Now i hv to go for wes degree verfication...
    Once again many many thanx
  12. No problem, I was in the same boat as you, my application was stuck because of my low points , I saw all the comments online and wondered if I made a mistake, but I honestly think that not all people can be successful when it comes to immigration and maybe they posted those comments.

    I'm from Bangalore! May I ask what's your crs score?
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  13. In fact I recently met a couple of people who were wwics clients and got their pr's.
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  14. Rumana i hv just started the process
    They told me for degree verfication through wes
    May be after that crs score will be calculated..

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