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Canadian Citizenship October Test Result

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by dhillon22, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hi Tunjiconga & Anthony,,,how was your test?
  2. Hi Dhillon and Tunjiconga,
    According to my calculations, based on the info from the other applicants who took their tests in Mississauga over the past 2-3 months, we should be expecting the letter/ecas status update during the next 3-10 days. However, as we don't know the work schedule of Mississauga CIC during the holiday season, this term may be prolonged (if CIC does not actively do oaths on Dec 25-Jan 1, we may be informed at the end of December as CIC regulations require CIC informs us not later than 14 days before the oath, not earlier). In any case, we can get an oath invitation, or RQ request, or letter stating that we should be attending the interview with the judge in the case we didn't pass the test (in which case we may also not get this letter until after some time once the interview with the judge is scheduled).
    Dhillon, if you PR has expired, I would suggest you anyway wait the next 3-10 days. Renewal of the card indeed takes a a few weeks and you may want to wait for the reply from CIC before you take any further action.
    I promise to post here as soon as I get any CIC letter/ecas status update and would ask you to do the same.
  3. :) Thanks Anthony,, Yeah i can wait for it...so it means our ecase will be updated that's great. So, yeah definately i will post my result too .. ;D
  4. Hello Anthony & Dhillon - Thanks for your contribution on this topic.

    Dhillon - as Anthony suggested, I will advice that you wait for a feedback on your test before you submit your PR for renewal.

    And regarding the test, I want to believe (strongly) that the result is just not ready yet - not that we fail. I am positive of a favourable result so I guess it is just a waiting game until we hear from them. And as everyone else, I will surely inform the house once I get any letter from them.

    Best of luck folks! :)
  5. Hi all,

    As far as Mississauga CIC, if you had a no questions asked while checking your file regarding your stay in canada for the eligible days then you should hear with in 1-2 months timeframe for oath. since it is holiday time they might set a time in January 2012 and you might receive the letter by end of this time or early Jan 2012.
    Asfar as RQ it is taking too long.
  6. Hi Tunjiconga & Anthony and Thx Aryan,
    The thing i do evryday early morning to check this forum and then status today i checked this forum and then status and found i passed my test. :D , they wrote ,mail sent to you on Dec 5,2011...i m so glad , i wish s same for all of you...God bless you all and thanks for posting your views/opinions ..thanks alot.
  7. Congratulations to dhillon22!!!!
    Did the letter mention the date of your oath scheduled!!!
  8. Thanks Anthony & Yeah Oath Ceremony scheduled for Dec 19,2011.
  9. Congratulations To Dhillon22 :D
  10. Hi Dhillon,

    What date did you write your test in October? Was the 21st?
  11. Thanks Summernancy...

    I gave test Oct 17,2011.
  12. Yeah mine was the 21oct
  13. Thanks Dhillon and Summernancy. I wrote my test on Oct. 21st so I guess I am in the same boat with Summernancy :D

    Summernancy - let me know once you get your letter and I will keep the house informed as well... thanks folks!

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