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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lapula, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. it depend on which job your wife have her and ithink you need to understand whats mean of sponsorship and where you willbe sponsored here or there imean here in egypt or Canada so if your wife will leave you two months or one month early then whats the point of sponsorship i mean how she will sponsor you how she will handle you financially it mean promise to provide financial support for you as spouse the basic requirements and those of his or her dependent children.

    Basic requirements are:

    personal requirements
    household supplies
    This also includes other health care not provided by public health, such as eye and dental care so tell me please if you are an immigration officer how do you will accept that case of mr Mohaab sponsorship and his sponsor is still coming to canada or not in Canada he doesnt have job so the better thing for your wife to leave egypt and stay there for while so she can get job and provide paper that she got good enough money with fulll time job so she can prove to them that she can sponsor you and whatever your wife is getting her from her work they know that life in egypt is cheaper than canada imean what she get from egypt cant be enough for living in Canada ithink here one memeber idont remmeber her name she had same situation as you and your wife and she couldnt sponsor her husband
  2. one more thing about the military i think you better stay until you finish your education then see what will happen with the military then go and apply bcz some guy get their visa and they couldnt travel bcz the military service
  3. Hey Mrs. X thank you very much for replying. i just wanna say that i read the guide which is 3912e and they did not ask for anything related to the military service unless i have served in the military which i didnt yet. and by the way i read a post here once and the wife was sponsoring her spouse from egypt and it was the same case and he got his PR while he was still studying so now i am confused :s. 2nd thing my wife has things under her name here in egypt so if she attached papers and stated that she will sell those things so we can have money when we travel till we find jobs, wouldnt that be good at all ?? i mean the only way is for her to travel and find a job then start the process ??

    thanks you very much for your help and sorry that i am asking alot of questions
  4. There is a military related form now & there wasn't when we applied. Mohaab Do u have a passport already?
  5. yes i do have a passport and still valid for more couple of years
  6. But @ the airport u will need the release paper, right?! Unless u travel on a visitor visa? U MAY get the pr approval. But leaving Egypt will be another thing.
    Anyway my husband (mr.x) finished his army & got the release and then we applied. That's what took us hella long to get that all finished. So my husband knows what's up with all that I just don't think he wants to give u news u may not wanna hear.
    Just start with the stuff u are 100% sure about. Look into the army thing. I just know for us. The army service held us up. But he wasn't a student so things maybe different for u.
    Beaucracy in any country is crazy. Have fun rolling around Cairo get 9000 stamps on one paper. Lol
    No seriously, goodluck.

  7. Hi Mohaab,

    I'm not speaking directly from my own experience but from my friends', and based on their experiences I think you'll be okay as long as you get the visa while you're still in your third year. I think once you're in fourth year, that's when the army really doesn't want you to leave. An Egyptian friend of mind went to New York in the first semester of his third year, and it WASN'T during vacation, and another Egyptian friend immigrated to the US last fall (I believe he was starting his second year, but maybe third), also not in vacation. He had to call on a connection in the army to get the permission letter, but it was possible. So I would advise you to ask your parents if they have any connections in the army who could help you get the permission if you get the visa in a non-vacation period. And try to get it while you're still in your third year if you can. I respect and understand what others are saying about waiting til your service is done to apply, to be safe, but I just don't think that's realistic (at least for me and my husband); if there's a chance we can get him out before he starts his military service, we're gonna take it!! We don't want another 3+ years added to this process. : (
  8. P.s. The friend who left last fall left on a family reunification visa (not visitor visa) to the US, so it IS possible to leave while a student on a spousal/family-class visa.
  9. Yes thanks DR Eng X
    I am now in my second step for sponsoring my mom, I already applied 3 years ago and now CIC are asking for extra documents.
    Thanks again
  10. Hi Everyone

    I want to clarify that with you guys, I am now filling in the IMM0008 to be sent to CIC, at Application Details, item# 4 where it is asking for Immigration Office requested for processing this application. Do I have the option to choose either my home country which is Cairo, Egypt where my mother live or to be processed here in Ottawa, or if she is back home it has to be processed back home where she reside?? And if I do have the option, what is exactly the difference??


  11. hiii...i called the office my medical has been sent and i was given the tracking number...so how can i check on it by tracking number
  12. Hi sonia5555
    they gave you the track number, did they say who is the courier, DHL, FEDEX, ...
    If they gave you the courier name, then go to their website and go for track a shipment or something that means the same thing
    enter the tracking number and press Enter.

  13. aha...thank you so much now i'll check on
  14. You are welcome,take care
  15. Ontarior, i go to the site and i entered the tracking number and i saw alot of stuff there ..i don't know ???
    will it appear when it is sending to Ott-pilot?
    as till now Clearance processing complete at LONDON-HEATHROW - UK
    will i see more results later...

    sorry i know um not smart ;Denough

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