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Application Status - CHC Islamabad "Winter 2013"

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Inam89, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. first refusal..... no docs were asked with the medical request letter.....neither over emails.

    USA refusal stamp was there on his passport...he could not hide it. In fact, his truth should have been admired.

    perhaps had he traveled to other countries before... luck would have gone in his favor.

    here are my follow up questions:

    1- why wasted him time and money for medicals....could not they identify his travel history by just having a look at his passports.
    2- same with family ties in Pakistan.... his parents and siblings reside in Pakistan. property, house etc everything is there.... they still consider this a lack of family ties in Pakistan. He is single. He just can not marry a girl just for proving this point.
  2. I second that.
  3. he should definitely go for caips as the mentioned reasons can not be the actual reasons of refusal. it cost only 40 dollars. then he can apply again and remove the reason of refusal from caips.
  4. well, that's his concern not mine. I was just trying to work out how things got done at chc islamabad.

    According to you guys, final decision on your file is done before medical phase. If medical reports are clear, you are good to go. That's how I should understand the whole process, right.
  5. i've never gone through medical yet, they sent me a refusal after 3 weeks.
  6. What was your time line? When did u apply and when did u get a refusal?

    Were u a college applicant?
  7. i m a uni of regina applicant.
    i applied on 18th of july, got rejection letter on 8th of aug. but the letter was signed on 24th of july
  8. Which courier did you use? Visatronix or Gerry's Drop Box?
  9. which univ did u apply for this time around? i mean, second attempt?

    what were ur previous refusal reasons?
  10. i had an option to join winter 2013 in the same uni so i went again for Regina.

    actually i failed to show source of income last time. reason of refudal was inadequate funds and source if income.
  11. applied on oct 16?
  12. i apply visa for winter 2013 session waiting still

    is any body applying for dalhousie university....
  13. 12 oct
  14. when did u file for your visa? A host of applicants are waiting apart from one lad.
  15. In Which program u have applied?

    When did u file your case... Have u go through the Medical?

    I applied in Dalhousie University for Winter`13 session. Done with Medical..

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