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Application Status - CHC Islamabad "Summer"

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ramzero, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. alwaysoptimistic kahan chaly gye thy ap? main ne ap ko kahan kahan nahi dhoonda.... :p
  2. Does everybody who applies for a study permit in Canada end up in this forum ??
  3. Good luck dear...
  4. No, only a small percentage...
  5. Can any body suggest:
    My classes are right after the eid holidays, so should i send email to CHC-I to consider my classes dates and request them to grant me visa as soon as possible if it is likely..!
  6. You can email them whatever u want, but there are slight chances that this effort will be fruitful...
  7. 1. Neither refusal nor withdrawal are stamped into the passport now.
    2. No, the visa processing fee is non refundable, in any case.
  8. Email them but don't expect any result.
  9. Ghani your words are harsh but your intentions are right. I agree that college applicant's should not keep their hopes too high but one also can't disheart them. The wiser among them will be the one who is working on his case, improving his IELTS score and searching for university feasible for one. If they are waiting for miracle to happen then the probability of happening that is very low.

    All prayers and wishes for them but yes, they should start thinking realistically and should do something for themselves.
  10. You are right , that is why we always try to say that go for University, but withdrawing the case and reapplying for the university is big ask for them. Some are trying for University now but it is a small percentage. Hopefully they will realize the situation soon...
    As Inam said the probability of happening of a miracle is low,but best wishes and good luck for them,they have waited to their maximum, and I know very well that how hard this wait is...
  11. Allhamdulillah

    Medical Examination Done today.

    InshaALLAH submit my passport on Wednesday
  12. Good luck dear...
  13. can anyone tell me the bus timing in ottawa i mean when it will start and stop??
  14. Dude search ''Get Directions'' on Google map for route you are looking for, you will get everything there :)
  15. hahhahaha thanks yaar kya kare aap ka pyaar hee itna ziada hai k mujhe wapas aana hee parha. Allah hum sub ko kamyaabi de Ameen :)

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