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AINP Application in CIC for January 2014.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by bridge, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Thanks! I paid $50 for the finger prints and told them for immigration purpose and that's it.
  2. AINP apllied ( strategic recruitment stream): nov 23, 2013
    Received by there office : nov 26, 2013
    File # received : dec 24, 2013

    Waiting for next level: ?
  3. Hi guys. Good news for me, I got AOR yesterday in my email together with my medical. Thanks God because its only 1 month.
  4. It's only one month for what?
  5. Thats's really good news "Bridge"
    Pls let me know if you attached your Police clearance certificate from Canada?
  7. To bhim.

    Yeah, i also attach police clearance here in canada.
  8. Thats great news bridge.. I really hope i get mine too. BTW for medicals, can we do as soon as we get the request or the doctors have waiting period? any info?
  9. Hi bridge,

    When is your file received by CIC? BTW, what is the subject of the email you received from CIC this Monday? ;)
  10. I sent my doc application in sydney intake january 2 and they received january 8 with signature of MC stands for mike i forgot the C. The subject that they gave me is Application for Permanent Residence (PNP). And i read the past applicants that they are already PR its only 1 month to have FILE NUMBER together with medical and they received also in their email.
  11. Hi guys.
    my application for AINP under AWE also processing cpp ottawa..
    this is my time line,
    Received sydney 21 Nov 2013
    File no, medical 10 Jan 2014
    now my online status,, APPLICATION RECEIVED

    Did your guys pay RPRF with yours applications? or
    can we pay it now or
    Do your guys wait until request it?
  12. To ainp nov

    You should to wait for the request to pay the RPRF then after you pay i think you wait for two weeks for the request of the passport and then the confirmtion letter notice that they send to your email.
  13. AINP Appliin CIC for January 2014 regarding medicals & new passport wife pregnan


    I got my medicals and file no on feb 18 for me and my wife but now my wife is pregnant for 5 months so what should I do an I have a question about my passport as my passport was getting expired so I applied for renewal as we'll I got it renewed so what should I do how should I inform the cic should I take my both passports to medicals
  14. Hi Bridge, kindly let us know, when can we access ECAS. I am waiting for my AOR and till date I cannot access my ECAS status.
  15. To bhim

    I don't have idea coz until now I cant access also my ecas, I got my aor but till now I can't open it. Maybe after medical.

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