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would i be refused if my application has errors ?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by henry gabriel, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. hi.

    I need help please, there's a chance to request a correction ?.

    -i was helped with my application last Thursday, I noticed that on the invitation letter there's an error, instead of saying ''our home'' says ''hour home''.

    -there's an error on the purpose of travel, the person who helped me left one date from the sample that she took from internet ''01/11/2018'', I was invited to go this November 1st not January.

    does my application will be in danger for this ? or there's a way to request for a correction in case that those errors could affect the officer decision ? I noticed those errors today. :(
  2. Spelling typo = Won't result in a refusal

    Second similar case this week of an internet-assisted day-by-day plan.

    Typo = Won't result in a refusal

    Not worth the hassle
  3. i wont…. long process and waste of time, does the visa officers read all papers ? i was invited by Canadian citizens, i will stay in their home for 2 weeks, $ 3,970 CAD will be enough to convince visa officer ?

    i asked if the visa officers read all papers, cuz i´ve seen cases that people with even $7,000 CAD face the refusal, with strong ties of their country of origins, and many decisions with no sense even with strong supporting documents.

    thanks in advance. :)
  4. Every application is unique. Sometimes millionaires are refused (we don't have millionaires asking for advice on this forum though LOL). Refusal reasons can vary.

    What might seem like strong ties to an applicant, might not be strong ties from a visa perspective.

    Yes, you can be certain that the visa officer (and the visa staff who complete internal processing before the file reaches the desk of the visa officer) have gone through all the paperwork. The security/ immigration/ etc repercussions can be serious if they miss noticing some fact in the application and issue visas

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