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Working remotely through the internet while visiting Canadian girlfriend. What documents to bring?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by guitaro, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am planning to visit my girlfriend in Nova Scotia for 77 days on October 25 where I will be staying the entire time.
    I am a software developer and I will have to work for my German employer through the internet who has no Canadian customers or employees.
    I will be remunerated and I'll be paying taxes in Germany just like I would when working from Germany.
    I have the following documents already and I'm not sure about what the letter of intent from my employer should be stating.
    That I'll be working for them from Canada during those 77 days and that I'll be staying in the German labour market and that we only have German customers?

    According to this site, what I want to do is legal and I don't need a Canadian work permit (Should I print this website and bring it, too?):

    - Plane ticket back to Germany
    - Health insurance
    - $2050 in cash

    The first time I visited her was from July 23 until August 7, then I visited her from September 8 until September 18. That was when I got picked for secondary inspection at the airport.
    The agent searched my baggage and my phone to check if the story about my girlfriend was true. I'm wondering if my passport got flagged and if I'll be picked for secondary inspection every time I'll cross the border.
    The agent did not tell me my passport was flagged nor did I get a stamp.

    I'm worried about secondary inspection because I've texted with my girlfriend about getting married and I read on this forum that you should not tell CBSA that you plan to get married although it's perfectly legal.

    My girlfriend is going to pick me up from the airport so in case CBSA or CIC wants to talk to her to confirm my plans she'll be there.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You have been flagged in the CBSA system. You can expect to go through secondary inspection this time as well.

    You have been visiting too soon, too often. You may want to postpone your October visit by a few months
  3. Thank you for your reply.

    But if I go there this month will they deny entering the country?
    When I arrived there last time after giving the first agent my kiosk receipt the agent wrote a little red line in each upper corner.
  4. We cannot say for sure as it depends on the officer you meet at the POE. That said. as you have been flagged in the system, you'll be taking a risk
  5. As said above, you have been flagged and it would probably be better to put a bit more time before your next visit. That said, if you decide to come to Canada this month, leave out the work documentation altogether. With CBSA, it is better not to volunteer information. If they get into specific questions that require you to disclose the online job, then do it; otherwise, no need to mention it.
  6. Thanks for your reply.

    Last time the agent asked me if I was on vacation which was true. This time I will have to say that it's not true and in my opinion 77 days are a bit too long for being on vacation. That's the point where I would have disclose my online job?
    The agent also did not look at my documents, he just asked me what's written in them. It was my train and plane tickets and my health insurance.
    So no letter from my employer at all?
    Should I get a letter from my girlfriend saying that she will provide for me and/or that she invited me to stay at her place the time of my visit?
  7. You will certainly face concerns given your frequent visits and long stay this time. You should bring proof of your rental agreement in Germany.
  8. Thanks for the info.
    I have proof of my rental agreement but it's in German and it's from August 21 this year. Will this be sufficient?
  9. As long as it says you have a lease covering the time you're away it would be a good thing to carry a copy. Just extra evidence because there will be concern that you are living in Canada given all your visits/proposed visits.
  10. My landlord made a mistake and addressed it to Ms. and not Mr. Do you think this will be a problem? I already contacted them to send me a new copy but I haven't received it yet.
    My first name is an English name so he might have thought I'm female.
  11. Do have it translated into English + evidence of rent payments
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    By evidence of rent payments you mean bank statements? Do those have to be translated too?
  13. Yes
  14. Do those bank statements need to be translated or is it enough that the landlord's (a company) is written on there? It is also written on the proof of rent payments.

    Thank you so much.
  15. Both.

    The bank statements would show you have a good financial situation to return to Germany besides indicating the rent transfers

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