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Working Permit with Positive LMIA

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Munteanu2008, May 16, 2018.

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    Hi guys

    I just got LMIA positive opinion and wondering if you guys can help with a bit of guidance.
    I understand that if you don’t need a Visitor Visa you can bring all the documents and apply for the working visa at the point of entry?
    What doc. should I prepare other than pasp,Job offer,LMIA approval,police certificate,should I do the medical exam?
    Job is in the construction field.
    Is it worth to apply and obtain visa prior flying over to Canada.
    Thank you guys
  2. What is your country of residence?
  3. Uk but We hold Romanian passports.
  4. U just need eta(electronic travel authorisation) before boarding flight to enter canada.and i think your work permit will be issued at port of entry.but i think you should consult immigration lawyer to confirm to avoid any hassle after reaching the airport
  5. Thanks for that,one last question,how about medical or police certificate ,is it worth have this in place prior flying over?
    Thanks again.
  6. Yeah have both (medical and pcc) done and with you when you reach canada.if they are to be required just give em and if they are not required I don’t see any negative impact of having them with you.Also search what type of medical is required in regard to the work you will be doing in canada.i will recommend that you should also consult an immigration lawyer prior to flying to canada.
    Best of luck for your future
  7. If you don’t want to consult the lawyer .just search thoroughly the cic website for requirements and everything .
  8. The thing is that the application was processed with a lawyer help but just double checking .
    I don’t really want to leave my job up here and not be at least 90% sure I will be granted visa,I know nobody can guarantee that but ..
    Thanks anyway
  9. Include job offer letter from your employer in you documents too
  10. Definitely,I am waiting for lawyer to send over application,doc checklist,I am sure he will give me all the information req but was worth it to check with you guys as well.
    I am going with my wife,son as well and hopefully the process at the border will not take too long.
  11. Okay but if your family is also going then ask your lawyer about your wife’s open work permit approval and check whether your son is going on visitor or study permit .request his trv approval letter too
  12. He said he will have all this ready including my wifes permit and my sons study visa application,now I was wondering if is better if we apply online for the permits and obtain them prior flying over?

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