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Working in Canada for US company - PR holder / US citizen

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by arizsalas, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I am a US citizen with PR approval (COPR). I am moving to Canada (Toronto) but my current employer is open to having me work from Toronto. What is the best way for me to remain an employee of this company (based in New York) while working from Canada?

    I mostly see the PEO option, what sort of fees do these services typically carry?

    What alternatives exist, particularly to work for the company directly as an employee?

    Can I simply be employed by a US entity?

    What legal and tax steps would my company need to take?

    Can I be paid in USD?

    Any tips on approaching health insurance?

    Appreciate any and all input! Weeding through all of the information out there across the years without a straightforward answer.
  2. Does your cimoaby have Canadian offices or do any business in Canada or with Canadian companies. If so can't work remotely.
  3. Hi canuck78 - yes, I currently manage Canadian clients from New York. The goal would be to expand this with a presence in Toronto. This would be a one man operation (myself) at first but may expand in the future to become a more fully fledged Canadian office.

    Short term, we're most interested in the "path of least resistance" from a legal, financial, and benefits perspective for me as an individual work from Toronto.

  4. Can you please show the source for this information?
  5. Sorry that should say Canadian offices. Canadian clients is for if you are working remotely on a TRV.

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