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Working in Canada after Landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by NiSn, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Have a doubt

    I have CoPR and need to land before Dec1. I also have a canadian job offer. So when I land in Canada, how quickly can I start working? I am tranferring within the company and cannot be allowed to skip a day (Leave job on friday in India and join on Monday in Canada). Will it be possible legally? Or I need to do a soft landing before finally moving to Canada?
  2. You can start working the same day you land if you like
  3. What Cansha said.

    You will also need a SIN, but you can do that by walking in to any Services Canada office with your passport and copy stamped CoPR.
  4. As answered above you only need to get sin from any of the service Canada locations. There is one at airport and several scattered throughout GTA.

    However sin is not the last of your worries, you probably have other things on your plate when shifting country including finding a place to live, opening accounts, figuring your way through a new country, and yes jetlag. I would recommend taking a couple of days to a week off to adjust. A company that is willing to get you relocated would probably understand that as well

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