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Work without SIN temproraily

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by seamarine, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I am going to come to Toronto area in July and will apply PR card as did not apply when we landed in 2015. Currently PR card wait time is more than 3 months . Since I can get a SIN number only after receiving my PR Card, is there anyway I can start work without the SIN and get paid for all the work done after I receive my SIN? So if I receive my PR card and SIN after 3 months- then I get paid for all of those 3 months after I receive my SIN. Is this considered legal ? If yes, will the companies be willing to hire without SIN and then waiting to pay for all the time worked after obtaining a SIN?

    Any suggestions.
  2. PR card is not required for SIN. You just need COPR.

  3. My COPR is more than 2 years old so as per SIN website they will only issue SIN if there is a PR card, hence the question.
    The website says they will issue SIN only if the COPR is within 1 year validity.
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  5. Without knowing what type of work you're trying to get, I would think most reputable companies wouldn't do this for you as the risk to the company is quite substantial. Not only would it be blatantly illegal to hire someone without a SIN, you would not be covered should you be injured on the job.
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  6. Hi

    İ m a international student who dont have a work permit currently

    THree mounths ago i worked as a dishwasher for one mounth and now when i asked my boss to pay me he just replied me he need to write me cheque

    What happened if i paid check; total amount is 600 cad?i m on the verge of extendion my visa do i have problem with that?

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