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Work permits for Start-Up Visa applicants taking too long

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by surjit88, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Hello surjit88

    I am also thinking to apply for this work permit . do we need Letter of Support ? If so how to get it , Please provide more information if you can .

    Thank you.

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    Hi Surjit88, have you got work permit for startup visa program yet?
  3. no updates yet, Still waiting
  4. Three months gone. It's too long. Thanks
  5. Are you in same process ? from which country?
  6. Same process. I applied from vietnam.
  7. which province and incubator?
  8. In BC. How about you! What country did you apply from?
  9. I'm from India, Incubator located in Alberta
  10. I see generally workpermit processing time for India application is 4 months. I think you will get it soon
  11. Hi Guys,

    Did you finally get your work permit?

    If yes, how long did it take?

    By the way, I couldn't Foreign Worker - International Mobility Program application page even though I followed the instructions.
  12. I will suggest you all commence a paper application cos I couldn't even get the reference code for Foreign Worker - International Mobility Program despite following the instructions.

    It kept pushing me to commence Foreign Work Permit, so I decided to use paper application.

    You can inform the VAC that it's SUV application to be considered for priority.
  13. Hello @teejax,
    I too applied for a work permit under startup visa on July 30, 2019.
    I did not find the Foreign Worker - International Mobility Program, I guess because I applied from inland (I am on a study permit in Canada )and had different questions set. Anyway, I applied for the Work Permit, but it has been over 2 weeks and my application has not yet started processing.
    Any comments on my situation?
    When approximately I should expect my work permit?

    Thank you

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