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Work experience as trainee engineer

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Amanpreet111, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have one year of full time work experience as sales engineer after my bachelor's of engineering, but my designation was 'GRADUATE ENGINEER TRAINEE'. Salary was in account and it was full time experience, 48 hours a week. My NOC matches with 6221. After that I quit job for pursuing master's in engineering.

    I am expecting more than 8777 bands in IELTS.
    On cic site my points come out around 446.
    Only doubt is my experience letter which mentions my designation as 'Graduate Engineer Trainee'.

    Can I apply for PR without any fear of wasting time and money?
  2. if it was full time work experience you need not worry. After ITA you will need letter from company with job duties, hours of work and salary. Go ahead and complete your EE profile. All the best
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  3. Thank you so much, Cansha.
  4. Hello Cansha,

    I would like to continue this question. Its the same Query I need to ask

    By profession, I am a chemical engineer ; I served as a full time employee in:

    1. Graduate trainee engineer in production department in a Private Rubber Company for 1.5 years. ( Feb 2013 - July 2014). NOC doesn't matches comparatively with Chemical Engineering Occupation as it is a very generic occupation.
    2. Blending Engineer in one MNC Company for 2 years 9 months. ( Feb 2015 - Nov 2017) NOC matches with the to around more than 50% with Chemical Engineering Occupation.

    What should I do in this case?
  5. My apologies I'm not well versed with Chemical engineering profession that much. But I can try to answer in generic way. So your job responsibilities do not need to match 100% as per the NOC. You need to find a NOC which is closest to the work that you do. Given that work profiles are numerous it is practically impossible for CIC to have every job profile as NOC. So use your judgement and common sense. You can't really choose something which is completely different to your NOC. So for example for an NOC CIC mentions some 7-8 bullet points of possible responsibilities. If you match even 2-4 that should be good enough.
    Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks cansha.
    It's not exactly matching with the NOC. Few points are matching but not exactly the same.
  7. That is okay. Just see if it is closest to your job. That's it.
  8. Whay if the duties I was performing were more like a trainee and have "to assist" word in the.front .
    As per Noc,
    • Operate main engines, machinery and all auxiliary equipment aboard ships, such as boilers, steering and deck machinery, motors, pumps, generators and condensers
    • Stand engine room watch, monitoring and noting performance of engines, machinery and all auxiliary equipment
    • Inspect and conduct maintenance and emergency repairs to engines, machinery and all auxiliary equipment.
    In all of the above ,my supervisor wrote " to assist ".

    As I was a trainee.

    Will it be acceptable ?
  9. Did the designation trainee in ur reference letter cause you any problem from the side of the immigration officer

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