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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Rene_8000, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. I think CAD$18 per hour is not bad at all. With a little hard work and passing their RN test, you should be getting a substantial increase in salary :D

    I think I might consider going there instead of Toronto.
  2. I applied already here when i arrived in Edmonton and got the job after two weeks of arrival. There are lots of njursing attendant jobs since there are some facilities opening. however, better apply and book for an interview while still in the philippines if you want to work immediately.
  3. thanks a lot chris... that sounds good and inspiring :D :D
  4. I believe that most of us here are nurses so it's good that we make this thread active so we could share our experiences and results with regards to our application with CRNM.

    @chrisdalop: I wonder why you were asked to undergo CCA because most of the Filipino applicants who were able to submit their applications earlier were given eligibility at once to take CRNE.

    Is CCA, or SEC to other province, now becoming a norm to CRNM? I just noticed that they are now implementing stricter measures this time, aside from higher fees, and sort of adapting the same procedure as what other provinces are doing. I do hope I an wrong. That's why we would welcome people who are done with their applications to share their time line and result of assessment. Thank you.
  5. well i dont know too, despite, i have the same IQAS assessment with Aspire. They just mailed me that my education transcript is unclear.
  6. Chris, did you try sending an enquiry to crnm or crne if the certs we have from is enough to qualify us to sit for crne? Jerie of ciip told me to clarify on this with crne. Kung same Lang certain natin with aspire then eligible tayo to take crne.
  7. chris,

    a have more queries :)

    what docs did they ask or require from you upon application as NA in edmonton? are they particular with canadian experience? did you start as volunteer? if so, how long?

    thanks again :)
  8. They dont require anything as long as u are a nurse.
  9. I just found out from another forum that CRNM is now adapting CCA (similar to SEC). In spite of the efforts of the Phil Nurse Assoc there who talked to CRNM to make the requirements less rigid...mukhang hindi din daw pinagbigyan. This is really sad news. I guess the only way is to make it good in your CCA. Goodluck!
  10. thanks a lot chris..

  11. how sad.. ::)

    if this is true, perhaps CARNA is good next to CRNM? hayyy..they're getting tough on us. :(
  12. There's nothing we can do but comply. What type of exam ang cca? Is it computerized? Multiple choice type of exam? Like nclex? I'm reviewing for crne I hope same Lang Ito sila.
  13. this is from crnm web... i copied and pasted here for everbody:

    What is a CCA and why is it necessary?
    If, after review of the documentation you provided with your application, the College is not able to determine that your competence to practice is equivalent to the competencies required for all RNs in Manitoba, you will be asked to complete a CCA. The assessment will provide you an opportunity to demonstrate that you meet entry-level competencies in Manitoba.

    How do I apply for a CCA?
    You must be referred by the College. Once you receive a letter of referral, you should call the telephone number provided to schedule your appointment.

    How long is the assessment?
    It is completed over a 3 to 5 day period.

    Where is the assessment done?
    Assessments are conducted at the Assessment Centre for Nursing at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).

    What is the cost of the assessment?
    At this time, there is no charge. However, there are other costs you will be required to cover such as travel, food, and accommodation.

    What areas of nursing are assessed?
    You may be asked to complete assessments in any or all of the following areas:

    * General Nursing
    * Maternal Newborn Nursing
    * Child Health Nursing
    * Mental Health Nursing

    How are these areas assessed?
    The assessment is comprised of:

    * Written Diagnostic Exam
    * Clinical Judgement Scenarios Assessment
    * Triple Jump Scenarios
    * Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
    * Self Assessment

    What areas of skills and knowledge are assessed?

    * general and/or specialty nursing knowledge
    * pharmacology and medication administration
    * pathophysiology
    * knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system and current nursing practices
    * basic and advanced clinical skills as well as use of current technology in nursing practice
    * health history and health assessment knowledge and skills
    * clinical judgement and critical thinking skills with evidence based practice
    * therapeutic communication practices
    * cultural competencies
  14. continued...

    What is involved in each of the components?
    Written Diagnostic Exam
    The written diagnostic exam includes both multiple choice and short answer questions that test general nursing knowledge.

    Clinical Judgement Scenarios
    This is an interview style assessment that evaluates your ability to make sound clinical judgements in situations that are complex and have no “simple” answers. These situations will assess the ability of the candidate to think deliberately and critically through a nursing situation, apply essential and relevant knowledge, consider possibilities and options and take reasoned, reflective, and insightful decisions and actions. View an example here.

    Triple Jump Assessment
    During this interview, problem solving and critical thinking skills are tested. The candidate is presented with a brief client situation, asked to generate a problem list, identify and collect relevant data, revise the problem list, develop an intervention/management plan, and then self evaluate. View an example here.

    Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
    This assessment is conducted in a lab setting, where a candidate will role-play a nurse in response to client/family health situations and demonstrate his or her abilities to apply knowledge by holistically caring for this client/family. The exercise assesses nurse-client relationships, critical thinking and clinical judgement, health assessment and nursing skills, pharmacology and pathophysiology, and decision making in rapidly changing situations.

    This provides an opportunity for the candidate to describe how they have met the professional standards during nursing practice in their country of origin.
  15. for more details, visit this link.... http://www.crnm.mb.ca/applicants-international-cca.php

    hope this helps

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