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Will transferring from open work permit to study permit hinder my PR application?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Rockybee, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    My open work permit expired on the 24th of November. I applied for an extension via study permit application, which means I have implied status. Is it safe for me to apply for PR if I receive an invitation in the next round or do I have to wait for my study permit to get approved before I apply for he PR?

    My fear is that my study permit will get rejected since I applied a few days before my work permit expiration.


  2. Hello Rockybee,
    We are in it together and I spoke to IRCC about this and you are fine too. As long as you applied before the expiration of your current study permit. At least 4-5 days before expiration. I was Oct 28th and I applied for study permit Oct 22nd.
    Also applied for my PR Nov15th because my other application on Sept 23rd for PR was cancelled.
    Now! Your PR application has nothing to do with work permit or study permit as long as you meet all the criteria for PR you are good. also note Study permit extension take 99 days now which is 3months and I pray my PR comes out before it too.
    All the best
  3. Hi Vivicleo,

    Thank you for your response! I was on a work permit and applied for an extension via a study permit. I pray I get my PR in 2 months.
  4. Keep me updated on your case. All the best!! :)
  5. Had you received your invitation to apply for PR before your permit extension?
  6. Hi Vivicleo,

    So sorry for all these questions, but I received my ITA today and I want to know if you included the study permit submission confirmation letter in your PR application just to show the immigration officer that you still have status although it is implied? On the cic website, one of the criteria for PR is adhering to the IRPA provisions which makes reference to work/study permit status.

  7. Are you CEC? Or FSW?
    How would know you will get your PR in 2months instead of 6months?

  8. There is nothing to be scared of. You do not need to submit anything as proof that you applied for your PR.
    The applications are two separate things. Just apply for your PR as long as you qualify.

    For your study permit you only need to attach an explanation letter so the agent will be aware of your case and what is happening to you,

    all the best
  9. I’m CEC. I know a few people who got it in 2 months

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