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Will immigrants get the right job?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Baloo, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. @jckdry: the statistics also show that a number of immigrants did not do a proper preparation. This includes to know what is takes to work in your profession. If you need to get re-certified than you should know and prepare accordingly before arrival (this also includes to plan properly and bring enough money to bridge the time until you get your certification).
    In addition, do not get me wrong here - I'm also an immigrant - but do not expect that Canada is waiting for you and is rolling out the red carpet for you. You have to prove that you can make it here and fit in.
    Furthermore, in regards to doctors: it is not a solution to lower quality standards of doctors to solve this problem. The solution should be to attract more people into this career and train them accordingly based on local standards!

    @PommeDeRoute: I don't agree. It's not sooooo difficult to get your certification done as a doctor. You might have to get back to school for some semesters but that's is. In some countries you can even take some exams in your home country before arrival. There're a lot of people who went this route and did their homework before they came to Canada.

    Honestly, if you do your research BEFORE you come to Canada - NOT after landing you'll be fine in most cases. I cannot understand people driving taxi for the rest of their lives instead of going back to school for some semesters.
  2. Just curious, clubcanada.. when did you migrate? The situation maybe different when you migrated 5 years ago than a year ago. Were you able to get a job in your field after 6 months? If yes, maybe you can give some helpful tips to those new immigrants or would-be immigrants so they can prepare.
  3. I came here around 1.5 years ago. Not quite sure what kind of info/tip you're looking for. I posted some info on application/job hunting/settling in other sections already.
  4. Thanks, clubcanada. Tips not for me but for the others who may need the information. I know there are a lot of them.

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