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Will be landing by car/uhaul in May from the US. how do I do this?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by moonandtheriver, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. We're landing in 8 weeks, planning to cross the border September 30th. I will drive UHaul with one car on a trailer and my wife will drive the other. It' s good to know that at the border doesn't have to be painful. I still need to do DRLs in my 2006 Element sometime next week.
    A lot of useful informations here, thanks for that and Hi everyone btw.
  2. hey there! :)
    Good luck on your landing and crossing. As long as you have your paperwork in order at the border and follow the rules and directions it should go fairly easy for you. Double check everything. When someone says they will do something along the way...follow up to make sure they did. It makes things go much more smoothly later on. The actual crossing was the least painful of what we encountered during this journey lol. I'm sure it "could" be a pain....I always think it depends on the day and who you happen to get at the border. All you can do is try to be prepared. :)
    I'm hoping to get my drivers license this week, still waiting on my PR card in the mail but I now have Alberta health insurance and am in the system and will get to see what its like to have Canadian health care later this month when I have my first appt. =)
    Wishing you an uneventful landing and crossing!
  3. This is a very helpful thread!! After reading the posts here and other threads, I put together a list of actions that might help those who are moving from US to Canada by road (including exporting their personal vehicle(s)). Please feel free to comment on missing items or incorrect order.

    1 Pay off car loan - if not paid off already
    2 Clear title @ DMV
    3 DMV – Certified driving record abstract AND certified driving record
    4 Letter from insurance for coverage and claims
    5 Get original bill of sale or fair market value
    6 Get vehicle recall clearance letter
    7 Use a freight forwarder to get ITN number and file info with Automated Export System (AES)
    8 Check the car against the Registrar of Imported Vehicles' vehicle admissability list
    9 Check to see if your vehicle will be charged a high emissions excise tax - Check these sites: http://www.importcartocanada.info/car-news/imposition-of-excise-taxes-on-fuel-inefficient-vehicles/ and http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/fcr-rcf/public/index-e.cfm. On the latter, you can search for your car and then compare it against the requirements on the former
    10 Fax in a copy of the vehicle title to the U.S. border crossing where you intend to cross - at least 72 hours prior to landing (Send the letter showing no outstanding recalls to the RIV (document is valid for 30 day) to support @ support.riv.ca so they pre-process it. Call them to confirm all's set before you leave the US so you can get anything else necessary before you leave - source: post by OhCanadiana)
    11 Drive to the US border crossing & produce documents - get clearance
    You can only export the car at certain border posts in the US and at certain times. So, figure out where you are crossing and then understand their requirements to get the info to them ahead of time - usually they are looking to get the info 3 (sometimes natural, sometimes business) days before you arrive at the border. Take a look at http://www.ucanimport.com/Border_Crossing_Info.aspx for a good list of border crossings, but then search for the specific info for the border post and their instructions on the CBP website directly. For example, for Buffalo, look at http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/toolbox/contacts/ports/ny/0901.xml and search "export a vehicle" to see an example of the instructions (other crossings sometimes need you to mail them the title so they receive it 3 business days prior so it's important to check for your specifics). You can search for other border crossings at http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/toolbox/contacts/ports/ . Find out the location of the export office online or when you call them (it's not necessarily easy to find when you are at the border).
    On the day of the crossing, stop by the CBP export office before you cross the border into Canada so they stamp your title to clear it for export. - source: post by OhCanadiana)

    12 Stop at Canadian customs
    13 Pay RIV fees (Pay the import fee to the RIV and get your Form 2 from the RIV. You'll need to pay $195.00 + GST/HST (or QST) either at riv.com or by calling the RIV at 1-888-848-8240 (Mon. to Fri.: 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight (EST), Sat. and Sun.: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST). You'll need the red numbers from your Form 1 to do this step and they will then e-mail you Form 2 which you'll need to get the car inspected. - source: post by OhCanadiana)
    14 Get Vehicle Import Form 1 stamped after verification
    15 Complete landing process - PP, COPR, 2 copies of personal items, POF
    16 Apply for SIN
    17 Apply for bank account
    18 Apply for health card
    19 Apply for driving license - use US DMV records to exchange
    20 Receive Form 2 - federal inspection in mail
    21 Get any required modifications done to your vehicle
    22 Get inspected at Canadian Tire
    23 Get Canadian Safety compliant sticker
    24 Get vehicle registered
    25 Get insurance in Canada
  4. Hi! We are planning our landing around those dates as well. As for DRLs, my Honda was manufactured in Canada and it has functioning DRLs already. I plan to get a tune up and some cosmetic touch-up before we land. As for taking our stuff along, we are planning to get movers to do it for us.

  5. I know I included a link to this post of mine on the first page of the thread (with a note saying that the AES registration needs to be added in), but thought I'd paste it in here as from a quick review I noticed you have a few steps missing (e.g., get insurance in Canada, confirm coverage in Canada before you register your car; also note that the requirements to export the vehicle are specific to each port...some do want it faxed as you indicate in your item 10, but even then usually it is 72 BUSINESS hours ahead of export but others want the title mailed to them and others simply want the VIN e-mailed to them...see the CBP link in my step 4 to check on the specifics for each border post).

  6. Thanks, I'm gonna need some luck for sure.
    So how long are you there in Alberta? How long does it take to get a DL? Is it just an exchange or you need to pass all the tests? We're moving to Calgary, have some friends up there. Driving all the way from Chicago.
  7. Funny, I was from just a bit north of you in WI (Onalaska/LaCrosse). :) We have friends in Calgary. Nice area! Lots to do. I've been in Alberta since May 5th. It doesn't take long to get a DL here as long as you have everything you need....you can find that in the link below. Shouldn't be any tests involved, just an exchange of my former DL for the Alberta one. Gonna try it again this thursday. The info I got from the office in town here I think was incorrect when they told me to come back with a PR card, pretty sure I can get one now without it, as I have the landing papers and everything else they want. If not, well then I will have to wait it out another month. :) I've gotten more misinformation from town here than I was expecting on pretty much everything. No one really seems to know how any of this whole process works (might be different in a larger town?)...it was no different when I tried to get health insurance. I had a printed and filled out insurance form from the Alberta website and tried asking about how to do it several places in town before finally being sent back to where we tried to apply for a DL for me...who knew they also handled Alberta health insurance! lol I was actually gonna try to get my DL that day as well, but there was a huge line piling up behind us and it took quite awhile to get the health insurance handled so we decided to do that another day instead.
    Hang in there, you'll do just fine with landing and crossing I'm sure.
  8. So it's taking a while to have all the paperwork done. I mean, it always depends who is sitting behind a counter. Like you said, same thing with a border crossing. We need to be well prepared for that. Thanks for these links, it's all in there. I already told my mechanic about DRLs yesterday, let's see what he has to say about it.
  9. Thanks OhCanadiana . Made the required changes. Hope this list is helpful to many like me ;D

  10. HI ALL

    plz share recent experience who traveled by road and crossed peas or rainbow bridge fro first time landing with short stay.

    I still have 1- can I bring my Car which is still outstanding on loan to Canada and drive in Canada, I dont want to import the car as i am cming back.

    i heard that if i add car in good follow list still officer insisting to import car and submit remaining docs in 45 days else penalty.

    Any body can give any inputs.

    Thanks in advance

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