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Wife's PR expired while we have been living in the USA

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Canuck_28, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. So...my wife's PR expired in 2017. We currently live in Seattle where I am working on a TN Visa and have been back working in the US since 2016. We are currently toying with the idea of moving back to Canada in the next year but are confused on what the process would be to renew/reinstate her PR. She obviously met all the requirements within the 5 years her card was valid, but since it's expired and we no longer live in Canada, how does the renewal process work?

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  2. You have to send in the PR card renewal when you are in Canada and then likely pick it up in person. She’ll need to prove that has been accompanying you.
  3. That's what I thought - however when we crossed the border the other weekend the customs agent said something about her being able to renew it online. From everything I have read, you need to have a residence in Canada in order to renew it. We are still living in the US but my Dad lives in SK, could we have it sent to his address instead? And can you actually renew online?
  4. No the CBSA doesn’t know what he was talking about. You often have to pick up the card in person so it would be much better to mail it off in BC and pick you p in Vancouver..
  5. When you say drop it off in Vancouver, what exactly do you mean? And sorry for the stupid question, this is the first time for us to renew her PR and being in the US right now we just want to be sure we are doing everything correctly.
  6. check out this link

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  7. Okay - so we have the paper work but don't seem to know how to dictate that we want to pick her card up at a local office in Vancouver once it has been processed. Because we live in Seattle, our plan was to drive up and mail the renewal application from a local post office but is there something we need to do in order to ensure we can pick it up a local office once done? And does she need to apply for a PRTD before we submit the renewal of her PR? She's a US Citizen and we've been in the US for 3+ years now, so just want to be sure we are doing the whole thing correctly.
  8. Also - what do we use as an address as the only option on the form is for one in Canada and we live in Seattle, WA. I could use my Dad's address in Saskatchewan but don't want to appear that we are lying to immigration officials. I've read on other forums that we could go that route but write a cover letter stating that we currently live outside of the US but the address provided is secure. Or we could do a PO Box in Vancouver, if you think that would be better in this situation.
  9. I know that most renewals happen once you move back and have a place to live, which would make sense but we are looking to renew her PR before moving back as she’s looking to go to UBC to get her Masters and we want the renewed PR card as part of her application.

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