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Why should we land in Calgary?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Korea2Canada, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Hello Everyone who have reached,

    I and my wife are landing in Calgary in Aug, can u suggest and if possible can u send or mail (nimish_21@yahoo.in)the list the things to be carry together due to need and expensive over there.

    --- I am from India and i want to come from Ahmedabad to Calgary so can u suggest the flight?

    --- How many KG can i bring with me?

    --- After reaching in Airport where we should go? as we dont have relative nor friend over there?

    --- How can i find job and house for rent?

    --- I want to bring @4-5 Lac INR so how can i bring? Travel Cheque / DD / by thomas cook?

    --- From India can i open account and deposit amount? if yes then what will be charge if i withdraw fully after coming to calgary?

    --- I have INTEX Tablet can i bring it?

    waiting for reply
  2. 1. Go to your travel agent to book flights
    2. Ask your airline or travel agent about how many KG you can bring
    3. Book a hotel or lodge
    4. Take taxi from airport to hotel or lodge you booked
    5. Check online for rental places or contact a local real estate agent (Google is your best friend)
    6. No do not apply for jobs before coming you are literally wasting your time
    7. Bring as much money as you can cause you will need it bring it in all forms DD/Travellers Cheque/ Cash, everything
    8. You need your passport mailing address
  3. First find out if there is a direct flight to Canada from South Korea, and if you're availing a direct flight. If you'll be touching down in Vancouver, you'll be 'landing' at Vancouver Airport.

  4. Cheap gas..
  5. Not as cheap as in the US. If gas is the only concern, then a border town would be a better idea!

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