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Why should we land in Calgary?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Korea2Canada, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Please tell me why we should choose Calgary for landing and living?
  2. Only 5% sales tax compared to all other provinces, jobs, best education system in Canada if you have kids, free health care the day you land - the province pays the premiums for all Albertans so you pay nothing, beautiful mountains.
  3. Dry climate - not a lot of rain or snow. Still within a day's drive of many great vacation spots including Kelowna and Banff. Has two beautiful rivers - The Bow and The Elbow. Glenmore Reservoir is a wonderful park to walk/hike/ride/skate. You also get a wonderful view of the mountains on a clear day.
  4. As much as I find Alberta not having PST a great thing (it's like the Oregon of Canada!), with the fiscal problems that province is having (this is a concern of ours as we plan on moving to Alberta eventually) and the potentially continuous oil revenues, speculatively, going to continue dropping, it's inevitable that they will have a PST, probably starting out low like 3-5%. I would have the mindset that the lack of PST isn't going to last and take advantage of it while you can. I also wouldn't base that much as a reason for moving to Alberta.

    Southern Alberta has a very favourable climate, especially as someone who moved from California. Cold and warm isn't so much of a big deal to me as the air is, and once you've spent so long in a dry Mediterranean climate like we have, moving even to a semi-humid place like southern Ontario can be too much in the summer, never mind the far east where it's significantly more humid.
  5. Keep in mind, however, that Calgary summers are cool and it can snow at any time of the year. This isn't a big deal for most people but I like to have my seasons.
    Oh and where you land and where you live are unrelated. You can land at any border crossing or international airport in Canada, no matter what province you intend to live in.
  6. Who is forcing you ?
  7. I think Calgary is a great place to live. I love the western style out here with stampedes. A beautiful scenery with the Rockies in the background, makes it easy to escape to the mountains camping. Good malls to those who love shopping, nice restaurants and like some others say... the weather! Summers are usually sunny.. but i'm not too impressed with the winters.. they tend to linger lol!
  8. It all depends what is your profession, if your are related to Oil & Gas profession you have no choice expect to settle in Western Canada site, you cannot have any good job in east canada at initial stages.
  9. A major factor in setiling for me would be people!

    How is the behavior of the Average Calgarian?

    I remember when i moved to Ontario in 1980 it wasn't difficult in making friends. Things have changed since then there and people have become introvert and unfriendly (I won't even mention in many cases "Hostile")

    I heard that Calgary's population although has a western attitude they are fun and nice people!
    Could someone comment?

  10. Not sure what this western attitude is. Calgary has a bunch of city slickers. They play dress up for Stampede, but that's about it. It's been almost two years and I FINALLY saw a man (an older man) wearing a cowboy hat during non-Stampede time.
  11. Can't really generalize, but you will find people relatively friendly, but most people are BUSY and it might be a bit difficult to make friends if you don't put yourself out there- you will have to join clubs, sports leagues, church, etc....to meet similarly minded people. Generally, in the winter, you won't see your neighbours unless you're out shovelling driveways, and in the summer when you're mowing the lawn etc, you will see them more. Calgary has a lot of money, so there are many people who are always trying to "catch up with the Jones' ". If you are outgoing and sociable, you will have no problem meeting people.
  12. I like one reply to the thread- No body force you to live here - this actually the attitude of Calgary.

    Most of the people in Calgary moved here from different part of Canada, it is true the overall attitude is Western but to start you can find communities here from your own ethnic background.
  13. Flatlanders (aka Albertians :D) are horrible drivers!!!! :eek:
  14. Yes. Yes they are! Haha
    Canada is awesome you will be fine wherever you are, and adjust. Or move if you don't like it! People are friendly everywhere. Some people are rude too but you can't generalize too much. Have an open mind, be kind to everyone, and if you don't like some people, don't hang out with them!
  15. If you think they're bad drivers on the flat lands, wait until they go to the mountains for vacation. Anytime we go to BC, we can guess who is from AB or SK by how slow they drive!

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