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why ITA score doesn't come down !

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by mrwait, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have 436 points and waiting since almost a year. so desperate waiting for ever. Do I have any hope. I have no more chance to increase the score and I can not apply to PNP because my job is not in demand in any of the provinces or on their list.

    I can not apply to Quebec either
    So only option is Express Entry

    Can any one say will I ever get an ITA at 436 !!! Why CIC doesn't bring down the score. Do I have any hope in the coming months or so ??

    plz share ur opinion
  2. You should've got an Ontario invite (assuming you have at least a Bachelors degree). Withdraw your application and recreate it to have a shot at Ontario.

    Cutoff hasn't fallen below 450 so far because Canada needs limited number of immigrants, there are enough people above 450 to satisfy that number and CIC artificially delays/advances draws to keep the cutoff equal to or higher than 450 and still meet their intake requirements.
  3. CIC really should fix their systems if withdrawing and recreating the same profile gives people a higher chance of securing a provincial nomination! Wonder how many others are out there like the OP who have created profiles several months ago and are still waiting for a PN..
  4. Thank you. Yes I do have bachelors degree which is also evaluated by Wes. So should I withdraw my application from the pool and apply to Ontario? Is there any other requirements like, do they have a jobs in demand to which only candidates can apply of its open to anyone?
  5. Recreate and submit your profile. No jobs-in-demand list, open to everyone who meets their requirements of Bachelors degree and 400+ CRS.
  6. Ok that is good news. so is it only for Ontario or any other provinces ? How should I recreate, Just withdraw from the pool and redo the same thing with GC Key as I did earlier or I should do it on any other provincial website? plz help

    I have 436 points CRS
    plus WES evaluation of Bachelors degree? is it enough?
    Once if I get PNP, am I sure of PR at the end of the day?
  7. Other provinces have PNP programs as well but they have different conditions I think .....I got a PN from ONtario since last October and waiting on my PR application to be processed.
    please note the following:

    1- No one can guarantee the PN even if you apply to Ontario, they will check your qualifications and intention to reside and ties to Ontario I had none, just two friends/professional contact and applied from outside Canada and was accepted... Ontario will decide if they need you or not but the 400+ score and Bachelor's degree are the minimum requirements ... if you dont have them you wont get nominated (nor even get a letter of interest which you need before you can apply for PN) .... if you have them and you apply, you might get the PN or you might not, up to the officer checking and you ability to prove your will to immigrate to Ontario.

    2- Getting a PN does not guarantee a PR but it does guarantee an ITA is the next draw after you accept your PN since you get 600 more points added to your score.... CIC will process your PR application, reconfirming all your details and new ones such as medicals, criminality and security... CIC decides so always keep in mind that nothing is 100% certain...

  8. Hi,
    it was really informative....thank you for your kindness. How much does it cost me to apply for PNP to Ontario and how long the process take. The reason i ask becase now the cut off point is 457 and I wait at 436. So does it make sense to apply for pNP or should wait for ITA ?
  9. What i did is that I asked my wife to do the IELTS again (since she is younger and with better Education) her score is 431 and still no ITA,

    I kept my profile active and my score is 372 and trying the PNP pathway
  10. I say do the PNP. A PNP gives you an additional 600 points, so you are 100% guaranteed to get an ITA in the next round. Of course, keep in mind that Ontario's OINP has an application fee of $1500 CAD.
  11. You are welcome anytime.

    The Ontario PNP application costs 1500$ CAD and for me it took nearly 4 months from the time the application reached them but now I saw around the forum that it is taking 6 months (3 months for AOR and 3 months for nomination after it).... Ontario had promised a 90 days deadline but I doubt they are able to keep it due to the load of applications.

    And I do not think you should wait... the score may NEVER go down that low... it might but even if they do 2-3 draws a months, it would take at least 6 months to get there I guess... all that is not guaranteed, so if you can get the PNP in 6 months and after it a guaranteed ITA in the next draw, then go for it.

    There are several threads where PNP is being discussed especially OOPNP so check them out.

  12. Let your wife apply for the PNP not you.....I do not think any provinces are taking scores that low are there? Ontario demands a 400+ minimum score....

    iza badak aya mose3adi ne7na bel khedmi :)

  13. I don't know, I tried with SINP and I got an ineligible letter since my NOC in demand was older than 10 years

    teslam eh laish la2 keef feeni etwasal m3ak
  14. I will PM you here.
  15. What happends if I am rejected the PNP, will they refund the 1500 CAD ! so how do i go about to apply for PNP now. can i just withdrew my application from the pool and redo the same thing and wait, is that right !

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