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Who waiting for PPR after medical done join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by amansanghera83, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Hello guys,

    My application for spouse PR sponsorship was submitted in the March end this year and got the AOR exactly a month later. Again a month later received an acknowledgment stating that they approve my spouse as my sponsor. In the same month I received another acknowledgment which required me to submit my biometrics. Once that was also done I received another requested for medical test submission. Even that has been done and it has been 3 weeks now since the medical got over and no update yet. Can anyone let me know how long will it take to get the PPR.
  2. Can somebody help me? Please!

    Application received : September 18,2018
    AOR: Nov 6,2018
    MR: May 9,2019
    MP : Still Waiting.

    Can anyone let me know a trend on how long I can wait for PPR?

    On the website (ICC) my time frame still saying that i might need to wait up to 10 more months. However, it says that my medical exams where approved on November 6th, 2018. (same date when AOR was received.) as per this, I don't really trust on the website.

    I would really appreciate if someone can advise with a more "accurate" time frames.

  3. Hi. MR date changing to AOR is what almost all of us has gone through.
  4. Hi Whats ur current status?U got ppr?

  5. Hi. Did you get your passport back ? How long the immigrant visa is valid for ?

    Thank you.
  6. Hello folks!
    I've just passed the medical (re)exam on Jun 22, 2019, should I expect PPR in the coming days/weeks with the current status as below?
    AOR: April 10, 2018 (Outland FSW, applied from Vietnam, file transferred to Singapore Visa Office)
    ADR: May 23, 2019 - provided, reviewed and changed to N/A within May 2019
    Re-medical request: Jun 7, 2019, changed to passed Jun 22, 2019
    BGS: IP2
    RPRF paid.
    Ordered 2 GCMS Notes with same updates. As per the notes, I passed criminality and R10 OK. Eligibility and BG being checked.
    Very much appreciate your advice!
  7. After receiving pre arrival services letter, is PPR near?
  8. My timeline is almost similar to yours and visa office is new Delhi
    Have you received ppr mail
  9. Just to share my status: got PPR today and submitted the passport within the day. My timeline:
    ITA: 4 Feb 2018
    AOR: 10 Apr 2018
    ADR: 23 May 2019 - changed to N/A within the month
    MR: 7 Jun 2019 - changed to passed on 22 Jun 2019
    PPR: 3 Jul 2019
    Though not all done yet till after the landing, i'm so much released after months of waiting in uncertainty. Hope things go well for you all!
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  10. Hi. Glad to hear that, and thank you for sharing it. Cheers!!!
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  11. C
    Congrats.Such a long wait.
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  12. what is your VO? were you in review required?
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  13. You mean the visa office processing my file? Via a CSE I made in Mar19, I was informed that my file had been transferred to Singapore. I was in review required because I did not provide enough proof that I have a sister living in Canada as a citizen, making my CRS drop under the min score of the draw. The wait was so painful but worth a lesson learnt to be more careful in the future :)
  14. yes I meant VO :) sorry we use so many short forms .. well mistakes happen but at the end of the day your wait for worth it :)
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  15. Hello People,

    I encounter some strange scenarios every time..

    Now it is a doubt if i passed Medical or not.

    AOR - 25 May 2019
    BIL- 5 July

    No update on my Medical Exam!!! What I believed is only after MEP, we will be requested for Biometric.

    Could someone kindly clarify if reception of BIL implies I have passed Medical?

    Thanks in advance..
    Good Day!

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