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Who waiting for PPR after medical done join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by amansanghera83, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Same here, Medical done on APRIL 2, 2014. Doctor's office confirmed it uploaded on April 04, 2014. No updates from CIC :(
  2. just got my PPR... Good luck everyone, it was a lonng stressfull process
  3. Thats Good ask009.. What additional docs did they requested?
  4. congrats :)!! when did u submit ur application & when was ur medical uploaded??
  5. App received- Aug 12
    Medical Request- March 12
    Add docs- March 12
    Done Medicals- 21
    Add docs submitted - May 1st
    PPR- May 14
  6. FBI from USA, Kenya and Tanzania

    Took a while to get those and my husband had to go to Kenya to get the police reports!! Long and very stressful journey!!
  7. Got my PPR on May 14th...good luck everybody
  8. Hope ur RPRF req is done?
  9. Hello All,

    My ecas status is showing as Decision made from more than 20 days. I sent an email to CIC to enquire about it and got the reply as below:

    Our office confirms that your application has been approved. A ready for visa letter has been sent to you regarding this decision and the last steps you need to take to finalize the application.

    Please ensure when submitting documents that they are still valid and will not expire within 6 months as this could delay your application.

    Now my concern is I have not received any Ready for Visa mail or email. What should I do ? Shall I write them back or shall I send my passport?
  11. I have checked everywhere all my emails, my postal mail box but I havent received any such communication from CIC.
  12. Hello,

    They did not even mention the date when Ready for Visa letter was sent to me. I just replied on the email that I received from CIC to resend me the PPR. Will they resend me the request or not?
  13. i would email CIC and ask wat to do & explain to them that u didnt receive the email

    u can wait for senior members response or others opinion
  14. ^Why don't you send that email confirmation that you have been approved, together with your passports, plus a cover letter explaining that you did not receive your PPR email?
    Worse case is they return the passports and tell you to wait for and attach the PPR email.

    BTW, did you have a rep?
  15. Thanks CECapplicantXX and MenicMonday !

    I have already send them an email. But I doubt if they gonna reply.

    To your questin MenicMonday, I have no one as representative.

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