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Who else has brought/is bringing a dog from US?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by tx-to-ca, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Hi all, a few questions for anybody who might know or might also be wondering:

    1) We have a rabies vaccine certificate with our dog's name and breed, age, date and type of vaccination, and vet's name printed on it and all the contact info for their clinic. Do you think they actually require a scribbly hand-written signature or is the printed name on company paper enough? Their official language is that the certificate needs to be "signed" by a vet.

    2) This might be a dumb question, but do you need to include your pet in your personal effects document? Does it need to be declared in any way on paper?

    3) For those of you who crossed by car, did they ask for anything more than the rabies certificate and a look at the dog?

    4) Did your dog need to leave the car at all during the process and if so were you able to handle them yourself?

    My dog is generally friendly but she definitely barks up a storm when strangers get too close to our "territory", so I'm just hoping for a smooth crossing. My wife is the one landing and importing, I'm the Canadian citizen, so I wonder if I can just step out of the car with the dog while she finishes the process with the officials.
  2. 2) No, just declare at the booth that you are importing a pet (a live animal) or if you are given the form, then declare
    3) they ask for the contract
    4) No, we didn't go to secondary.
  3. What contract?
  4. The contract between me and the breeder.
  5. Oh, was your dog a puppy at the time? That makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  6. I am. I have my rabies vaccination papers and I plan to get letters of good health from my vet 30 days before travel. I am nervous about crossing the border by land. You can't ship animals as cargo in between May - October and I don't trust the airlines with them as "Checked Luggage". I have a 36 hour drive. My dogs are typically mild mannered but I look for them to go nuts when border patrol comes up to the car.
  7. It just depends on the airline, yet you can ship animals as cargo in between May through October and I trust the airline with them as checked luggage. No, mine didn't go nuts when border patrol came up to the car.
  8. You cannot ship animals as Cargo during those dates from where I am from. I called and spoke to them at the Cargo center. Maybe it is different from other places but I am from the South in the US with high temperatures.
  9. Right. NYC is in the north.
  10. We will be bringing my dog along for a short landing by land. We live in New Jersey, and have a NJ veterinarian issued rabies vaccination certificate. Any tips or suggestions for us when we return back to the US in 2 weeks? Thanks!
  11. Like what? In my experience, border officers of both sides doesn't always want to see the papers.
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  12. Border officers really don't care about pets in my experience. They might ask for a rabies vaccine certificate. Make sure you have that. Be careful with pet food though: You aren't supposed to bring anything containing lamb, mutton, venison, bison, and something else I forget across the border. Also, make sure any pet food you bring is in its original packaging, so they know what the ingredients are. Again, usually they don't care, but if you get the one officer who does, you could end up delayed or even paying a hefty fine if you are bringing across prohibited items.
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  13. Thanks, very helpful.
  14. Two weeks ago crossed Windsor border with a child, a dog and huge bag a dog food (40lb) from Costco. I had all required papers for a child and a dog, but no questions asked other than passports.... On the way back - the same, no questions.
  15. Thanks alex

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