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which Place is best to live in Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by tanus, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Am new migrant here in BC.....I was in Australia for 3 yrs on student visa and what I found here that BC is very expensive state to live as compare to what I saw in Australia.
    Can anyone tell me which state is less expensive in case of tax, schooling education for 5yrs old boy and where is more job chances?
    I am struggling to get a job in Canada in health profession as I have 3yrs experience as a nurse from India and 2.5yrs experience as a personal care worker/assistant from Australia and still I am jobless.
    I would appreciate any comments as I intend to change from BC to somewhere else where I have to pay less tax, car insurance and easily can get a job.
    Thanks for your valuable time which you spent on my topic
  2. Maybe in Alberta or anywhere in a more northern region of BC or Alberta. Did you check the Canada job bank?
    Car insurance doesn't have to be that bad unless you're in Vancouver. I pay about $600 per year where I live in BC, but my car is old and insured for weekend/pleasure use only. If you insure for weekend/pleasure use you can still drive it to work one day per week.

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