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Where's the best place to live in Alberta, Calgary?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by c0ncept0ne, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, I am a newbie at this, can someone please tell me where is the best place to live in Alberta, Calgary?
    Me and my wife can live temporarily. I would appreciate if people can give some guidance and information about the area and rental properties I can search for. I'd like to start proposing the people who already knows Alberta to tell us what's a nice neighborhood to look for a place to live, whats usually the price range. And what areas would they advice us to stay away from too.
  2. Well though I m also very new to Calgary but as per my little knowledge SW and NW are considered as the best areas in calgary to live in all respects.

    If you want to rent, you can find a good 2-3bedroom apartment/condo/townhouse for 900-1200$ ,depending upon the community and condition of the property.Try renfaster.ca for this purpose.

    For buying the house atleast spend 6mnths to 1 year here ,roam around and then decide about the best place to buy your dreamhouse.

    Hope it helps.
  3. check if you are qualified to buy www.attainablehomescalgary.ca this is a project of mayor nenshie...
  4. NW and South r nice neighborhood...quiet expensiv too... if ull base cheaper price for renting,,that wud be d crowded NE..
  5. Hi, which area got Asian (indian and pak) population?
  6. NE quadrant of city has mostly south asian community.
  7. What type population in NW and SW.

    How far they from NE .

    Any Idea of rent for 4 bed house ?

    Please also tell me about good school for 5 year old child , which area should we prefer for that .
  8. This is what I found in google:


    Distance from NW and SE etc., depends what communities in NE you talking about. For me, I'm wondering if Marlborough is a good one because there is a T&T supermarket and lots of shopping malls nearby.

    For good schools, you can always check fraser institute for school rankings.
  9. Thanks
  10. On looking that map I too feel Marlborough may be best as its near to SE where majority of ind/Pak population live,
    Can you please tell more about that area ?
    Housing, schooling , ethnic origin of people living there and crime etc
  11. Hi,

    North East is the quadrant where most of the desis live.Its a cheap location and home for almost all of lower income families ,unfortunately no good schools (it can be confirmed by Fraser institute ranking and doing some internet research) ,and crime rate is highest in Calgary(especially in some communities).Usually when you are roaming there ,it appears you are in any town/city of south east Asia.

    NE could be the first option for anyone who is looking for a affordable housing initially and JUST want to stay close to desi community (which are the only two advantages of living in NE) but if you want to give good quality of life and education to your kids better live in SW,NW or even SE.

    Hope it helps!
  12. Hi Calgary1,

    I have read other posts of yours as well. You have always been very helpful.

    Me and my husband are landing in Calgary on August2, 2012 and we have PR visas. We haven't been able to figure out a place to stay initially. An accommodation for initial couple of months would be very helpful. Really hoping to hear from you on this major concern. Please guide us.
  13. From my experience, whan you have to choose in Alberta, there is not much options. But considert this - Calgary has rents as high as Vancouver, but Vancouver is way more cooler city. It depends on neighbourhood - of course, but generally there is not a big difference. But - in Vancouver, you do have sufficient public transit. In Calgary you do have the worst public transit on Earth. So if you get living somewhere more off downtown, you really need a car for every family member.

  14. Hi Friends,
    I am canadaforall, speaking from experience. I arrived in 2013 and lived in the south Esat not far from Marlborough. My daughter was attending school there and i was working in the South west. My work mates told me why not move to the South west your child will have the best education and it will be closer to your work place.

    Yes it was expensive and i took the challenge rented a house for 1800 it was a duplex and had room mates. When school started and after 4 months i could see a big difference inn the studying. There was home work coming home everyday whereas in the formal school there was just nothing. They went for summer school for a week and so many differences i could notice.

    So all what has been said about Sw and Nw is not only theory it is exactly what is happening. School is 10 minutes away from my home and she is allowed to go by herself as it is safe, in the NE that will never happen never.

    So all is a matter of choice now. I prefer to pay a little and be safe.

    Hope it helps.

    You can reach me at niomoubih@yahoo.co.uk

  15. We are planning to settle in Calgary one day and I have a question about accomodation.
    We have a girl and a boy, they are 6 and 4 now and will be a year older when we arrive. Considering the family structure is there some kind of rule according to which we must rent 3bedroom appartment instead of 2room.
    Does anyone have experience with Boardwalk appartments company? Lakeview and Glamorgan, SW, are those nice areas?

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