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When will students get offer letter from Conestoga College for January Intake 2020

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Hiral1999, May 29, 2019.

  1. I think it will be too late.. even i got LOA from Conestoga College within 10-11 days (jan 2020)
  2. Even I got my LOA for JAN 2020 intake!
  3. In how many days you got offer letter??
  4. Got my LOA from Conestoga for Jan 2020 in 7 days.
    Waiting for fanshawe to revert, they have not started the review procedure I guess.
    Deadline to deposit a security amount to Conestoga is 31 August. I really want to get approval from Fanshawe before that else I will have to go with Conestoga.
  5. When did you apply in conestoga and in which program.?
  6. I don’t remember precisely but it was around last week of July 2019, got approval in exactly 7 days.
    Course was web design and development.
  7. I am looking forward to apply for this course. Could you please share your profile?
  8. It is probably closed right now for January 2020, May or May not open again.
    My profile
    I’m a computer science engineer
    10th(matriculation) - 8.4 CGPA
    +2 - 68%
    Graduation - 7.66 GPA
    IELTS overall 8 no less than 7.5
  9. Anyone got visa for Jan 20
  10. Going to apply for the visa on Monday. Jan 2020 Doon campus.

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