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When will students get offer letter from Conestoga College for January Intake 2020

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Hiral1999, May 29, 2019.

  1. Does anyone have any idea that in what time generally conestoga college issue offer letter to students for January Intake 2020?
  2. Still too early. You can expect this around October 2019.
  3. It will be too late. How can you say that? Many of my friends got offer letter for Sept intake within 2 months. And i have applied on that day when it was opened for the very first time for Jan intake 2020
  4. Hi
    I have applied on April 27th. Till now no response. If you get kindly let me know. I have also applied for 2020 jan intake.
  5. Guys wait for at least a month. September intake is still open for few courses so they won't process yours until they are done with September intake. They will issue offer offer letters for January intake in or after August. So wait patiently.
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  6. Well said
    Seriously dude? You applied too early
  7. Yes.
  8. Hey guys, but applying early puts them at a better place as most of the colleges prefer issuing offer letter on first come first qualify basis. Yet the processing will take time because the institution are still not done with September Intake.
  9. I also applied at conestoga college for jan intake 2020 but they are not giving offer letter bcz its too early so we have to wait atleast a month
  10. I have applied on may 24th .....still waiting
  11. I got it today ☺️☺️
  12. But yet jan 2020 is not opened how you applied and from where?
  13. They are giving offer letters from April,may
  14. Ys but i have applied in april for sep intake and i got letter in business course then i paid my fees but fees delivered late by mistake then agent told me that you have wait for next intake right now i want to change course and intake also...
    And mailed to conestoga also they told jan is not opened

    Can you tell me from where you applied and how ??
  15. I applied through agent in wireless network infrastructure course........may be at that moment your course was not open,you should take update on this from ur agent.

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