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When should i apply for work permit after recived nomination?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Alsdud122, May 18, 2018.

  1. Finally i recived bc pnp nomination!!!
    I just wondering, my pgwp expires on nov.23,so i want to apply work permit as fast as i can. The nomination also expires in October i guess, my question is when is the best time to apply work permit? Its paper base non ee. Also apply work permit after I receive aor or medical
  2. what type of work permit are you gonna apply?

  3. Kind of lmia . I hold pgwp then i will appy work permit with bc pnp nomination, cuz i also recived work permit support letter from bc

  4. Ph i think it’s an bowp . Isn’t bowp process with nominations letter?
  5. First thing you should do is apply for permanent residency before your nomination expires. That nomination wont matter anymore once your application is received by IRCC. Then 4 months before your current work permit expires, apply for bowp. But i suggest doing it 2 months before.
  6. Bowp is only good for 1 year. So you have to maximize

  7. Hmm. So can i work legally on implied status? Also the processing time is almost 16months, i will do finisto summit before july. Then my pgwp still effcet till November. So when is best time to apply bowp? After apply to ircc then recived aor or ita from ircc?
  8. Yes you can work while in implied status, legally. Apply 2 months before your pgwp expires
  9. 18 months is currently the processing time for PR.

  10. Thank you for answer!!!! I can start right now!!
  11. Btw, you CANT use your nomination if you’re going to apply for express entry. So scratch out that ITA from your list
  12. Oh okay I don’t think about that! But can we check onlint for status?
  13. Be quick in applying for PR. Also, just provide what is being asked. Never submit unnecessary documents.
  14. Yup. Just link your application to your cic account

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