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What to expect when entering the first time as PR?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LCS, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. When the day finally comes that my husband receives his PR and PR card from the Canadian Embassy, I plan to go and help him move back and accompany him coming into Canada from Lima via Toronto. What should we have with us? I am sure he will be returned the original application and we will bring that and all those clearances and medical exam papers, his PR card, current Peruvian passport, birth certificate, DNI national card etc. for backup. What will be the process coming into immigration when first entering Canada? thanks for sharing your experiences.
  2. There's a separate line for immigrants/work permit applicants from tourists and residents.

    Your husband will present his passport and COPR. They will ask him some questions. They will probably take his picture for the PR card that will arrive later in the mail. And they will give him some written documentation for services for immigrants.

    Then you proceed to get your luggage and pass customs.
  3. thanks thaiguy,
    That sounds easy enough. Just have all the paperwork necessary that they will want to look at. I plan to go and travel back with him to make things easier for him too.

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