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What is the age limit to study in canada

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Preetjester, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    I am 37 years old Indian women and I would like to study in Canada. Is it possible?
  2. Yes - it's possible provided you can demonstrate you are a genuine student. Technically there is no age limit.
  3. Could you explain?
  4. I was 44 when I got mine, so you are young compared to me. You need to show strong home ties to your home country (I have property) and sufficient funds
  5. I have applied to colleges but got rejected. The reason is education gap. Some the agents are not willing to accept my case. They say am too old.
  6. The education should not matter if you are classed as a mature student (that may be over 40 I don't know) I did not use an agent, just done it all online. I am from the UK mind you. Of course it depends what you are going for, your current education etc
  7. Aha. Now I got u
  8. I would think you would need to apply for an advanced degree for it to make sense for you to leave your job to study.
  9. Hello there, i graduated in my uni back in 1998 with job xperienced(hotel & restaurant) for over 20yrs, Im 43, do you think I can still apply for student visa?
  10. Why not if you can qualify by applying for a relevant course based on your current qualifications, your work experience and how studying in Canada will improve your future prospects when you return to your home country.

    If your future idea is to apply eventually for PR then that might be a different challenge given age.
  11. Your studies would have to make sense given your previous schooling and job experience. I would need to lead to career progression and if you have a family it would need to make financial sense for youth study abroad and not work. Given your area of work and your age it may be extremely challenging to convince someone the you are a genuine student and not just trying to immigrate.
  12. I have a cousin who is very eager to apply for a study permit. She didn’t finish her post secondary education in our home country. She’s 36 yrs old and currently working as school service assistant. And her primary reason for studying is to eventually apply for PR. What are the chances of her study permit being approved?
  13. Others can comment as well but would think the chances are slim given most applicants are applying for post graduate courses, that is post getting a university degree so the first challenge would be to even get an offer from a college in the first instance.

    Applying with a reason to eventually get PR would not be good idea either given applicants are expected to attend courses in Canada that improve their prospects when they return to their home country. Everyone knows that is not the reality but is the reality to get a study permit.
  14. Thank you for your honest response. I was trying to discourage her before as I know it is very expensive to study abroad. But her sister who is a resident of Alberta advised her to pursue her plan to study there so she can work and probably find an employer who will then support her PR application. Of course, people would think that it is best to listen to those who are in Canada than me who has never been there.
  15. If a person has a dream then by all means they should follow that dream but the reality would be finding a college first to provide an offer given she did not complete post secondary and then there are the fees where proof of funding at least for first year is required, approximately 18000 CDN course fee and 10000 CDN living.

    After that in applying for a study permit the course has to be relevant both to current qualifications, previous work experience and future prospects on returning to home country.

    Before going through all above maybe the cousin needs to visit first to get a reality check although even getting a visit visa has many conditions that need to be met.

    As said if someone is really determined enough anything is possible and nobody here can predict anything but will not be an easy path , rejection may be the only outcome.

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