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WES Secondary Verification multiple times?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by NiSn, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. I had sent documents from my MBA degree (Signed/Sealed by Institute) to WES. I got an email from WES on 3rd Aug stating that they are conducting secondary verification and hence have email/sent by post documents to institute for institute to write back. I checked with institute and they replied on email from WES in 2 days. 2 days later status in WES also changed from "To hold" to "In progress". Now again on 15 aug i have got this same email again that they are conducting secondary verification and have contacted the institute. Any reasons why is this happening when the institute had replied first time itself?
  2. Hi NiSn. Which University is it? I faced the same issue. The second time around they told I need to pay a verification fee to my university for them to verify. So I am in the middle of doing that. I think the same might be the case for you. Any progress on your end?
  3. Mine is Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi
  4. Hi, My appication with WES also in the same status now. Any update with your’s? I am a little concerned now. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Nisn.. I paid the verification fee at my university. After this they sent the email to WES which they have accepted. I suggest check with your university if you have to pay any verification fee for sending the email to WES. I am guessing you have to pay a verification fee to your university for them to send a verification email. Happened in my case. Also,WES has made it mandatory for secondary verification for MBA degrees.
  6. Mine is Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. I dont know what they did differently but I today got my WES report which shows my 2 year MBA as Post graduate diploma (one year) - not sure why :(
  7. Anyone received the secondary evaluation completed from Kerala University or MG university (kerala state)?. Thanks.
  8. I got my WES report. My MBA degree from Indian institute of foreign trade is recognized as 1 year PG diploma
  9. I received secondary verification from JNTUH university. It's been 4 months and still no response. Any advice
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  10. Hi NiSn
    I am also currently facing the same situation. WES asked for a secondary verification and my institute replied via email in 2 days. My status was changed from "to hold" to "in progress". After one week, I got an email from WES asking again for a secondary verification. May I know what did you do to succeed in this process.
  11. anybody got WES secondary verification done from PRIST University , Vallam, Thnajavur, Tamil Nadu?
  12. what documents WES requires for secondary verification? My university replied twice to WES but , both the times it was not accepted. and its my Masters degree thats why i am worried. please help
  13. Hi
    I have no idea what my institute did differently. They kept on replying the same way and one fine time it worked.
  14. Hello
    What is the factors to recognise MBA as master's or 1 year diploma ?
    If I plan to get ITA and in express entry educational level I submitted my MBA as master's not diploma and I get ITA then WES recognise it as 1 year diploma, what will be the next step ? Refuse my application and enter the next draw or if my CRS still in average they will continue the procedure ?
  15. Please, is there anyone who is on hold for the second time? What am I supposed to do? They are asking for a written response, even though my university responded them by mail and by fax. Please, anyone who did the secondary verification and can explain the process?

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