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Want to request back my passport for travelling

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ayazhyder777, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I applied for TRV from VFS Karachi Pakistan on 05/11/2018 paper based and online linked application , got message of refusal on 31/10/2018 ,still didn't received my passport. Can someone tell me how to request VFS Karachi to send me back my passport because I want to travel on 23/11/2018.
  2. When you submitted your application did you opt for the processed passport to be couriered to your mailing address? Or did you opt to collect it from VFS Karachi?
  3. I opt to collect it from VFS Karachi
  4. You must collect your passport from VFS Karachi. They will not courier it to you as you have not paid the fees for that service
  5. I dont want them to courier, I am saying that my passport is still with Canadian High commsion in Islamabad, VFS says that they still didnt revciee my passport from islamabad. I need my passport because I want to travel on 24/11/2018. Is there any way that I can request VFS to request High commoision to send my passport to VFS so I can collect it from there. I hope you understand now.
  6. Are you sure your passport is with the Islamabad visa office? BTW the Islamabad visa office does not process TRV applications.

    VFS Karachi cannot request the Abu Dhabi visa office on your behalf. You can email them yourself:
  7. Ok I will email them. Some one told me to email VFS they will forward my request to concern Visa office to return my passport

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