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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by MarMas, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    My boyfriend applied for study permit and rejected a month ago. Can he apply for visitor visa to come to my convocation?
    Do you thinks they will questioning why he applied for study permit and now he is applying for visitor visa? Is his chance high to get rejected?
  2. Depends why his study application was rejected on chances for a visitor visa.
  3. It is rejected due to the following reasons:
    1. Purpose of visit
    2. Employment prospects in country of residence
    3. Current employment situation ( I think we wrote that for few months he stopped working to concentrate on English, we think it might be reason)
    4. Personal assets and financial status (We have a proof from his aunt to financially support him who is not in Canada)

    Thanks for your response.
  4. Hey guys,

    I have a question:

    My partner is looking to come to Canada for couple of weeks on visitors visa since our wedding is still a year away. But my partner needs to apply for the visitor visa and in case it gets rejected, could this rejection pose any kind of problem when I file the spouse sponsorship papers after marriage?

  5. No, it won't affect the spousal sponsorship if the TRV refusals are generic/typical reasons. Also, applying/reapplying for a TRV too often (more than 2-3 times) is not advisable
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  6. Thank you for your quick response.

    However, I didnt quite get your statement "applying/reapplying for a TRV too often (more than 2-3 times) is not advisable"...why so? Are you saying this in context to spousal sponsorship?
  7. It's not easy to get a TRV when one has a Canadian partner/intends to marry a Canadian shortly. The visa officer would assume the TRV applicant intends to avoid waiting in the home country by filing for spousal PR via the inland process. This would likely result in a TRV refusal.

    Applicants then 'try their luck' by reapplying multiple times. These repeated TRV refusals could then make the applicant to seem as 'desperate' to visit and can lead to increased scrutiny/delayed processing for the PR application.

    IMO, it is best if your partner could have someone else (not you) invite him/her for the TRV app + he must submit solid evidence of his ties to his/her home country, etc
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  8. Yes - in the context of spousal sponsorship it is not advisable to apply too many times. For spousal sponsorship, you must prove the relationship is genuine on both sides. If the person being sponsored applies too many ties to come to Canada as a visitor, it can make it look like they are desperate to come to Canada and the relationship may just be a marriage of convenience on their end. Apply for the TRV once and hope it's approved.
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  9. Thank you :).
  10. Thank you Bryanna.

    I was not going to sponsor my partner anyway. That brings me to the question - is invitation letter mandatory for applying for visitors visa? What do people just coming to visit Toronto by themselves and have noone here do?
  11. It's not mandatory.
  12. While an invitation letter is not mandatory, IMO, it's a good idea to have someone invite the applicant because it indicates a stronger purpose of visit.... as compared to visiting as a tourist (hotel reservations, detailed expenses down to the last cent, plus a good travel history among other points)
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  13. i apply for the canada tourist visa from new delhi on june 4, 2018.earlier, i had been refused 4 times for the reason travel history .but now i traveled 4 time uk and i traveled france also .now i have 5 years valid uk visa till 2022. how many chance for this time.now respected counselor ,started review on my application june 21,2018.
  14. It's not possible to guess your chances of a TRV approval. That said, if you have addressed the refusal reasons + submitted stronger evidence of your ties to your country of residence then you have a good chance

    Hope for the best
  15. Will a return ticket submitted along with visa application be strong enough proof for visa approval? I am thinking of getting a return ticket booked (Air Canada gives a ticket conditionally, that if visa is rejected, they will refund the money) on safer side. What is your take on that? However, the only trouble is that if we buy a return ticket then I need to pre-plan the trip right away. Otherwise changing date on the ticket is also expensive.

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