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  1. I would like to inquire, applied for a visitor visa for a family member. Listed certain dates on the invitation, if I would want them sooner is it allowed? Or do we have to stick to these dates, are they set in stone or would it be any time frame? TIA
  2. If the TRV is approved then can come whenever they want to.
  3. So even if the date said May they would be able to come February/March?
  4. Only thing that will matter is the validity dates on the TRV.
  5. So if it gets approved they can travel right away?
  6. hello friends

    I have 2 doubts for my parents visitor visa

    1. There is document which is their in the checklist to show the purpose of travel
    You must submit proof that you are coming to Canada for a temporary visit.

    Examples of what you can provide as proof:

    A scanned copy of:

    • Your flight ticket departing Canada,
    • Your travel itinerary (e.g. places you will visit or stay, such as hotel booking),
    • Proof of a medical appointment.
    so is it mandatory to book the flight tickets to show them the return date to prove that they will go back to their country or else just an itinerary written on plain paper is fine and also works and i read that the medical examination is not required for less than 6 months visit

    second question: i would like to invite my niece (sister daughter) who is 6 yrs old and in 1st standard. My sister will not come so can i add my niece application as a family member with my parents application with consent letter from my sister that she is giving her consent for her daughter to travel with grandparents or should i submit a separate file for my niece but how can i show that she will come with my parents till i dont have the file number as reference for my parents application.

    There is one question while i am filling the form that is she travel with parent or legal guardian so should i click yes as my parents can be considered as legal guardian for my niece. right?
  7. helllo.

    I would like to know if there is such a way to view submitted forms (pdf itself) because i had submitted and application for my family member but i am not sure if the form that i had uploaded is signed or not, since the form has the same file name (IMM5713e) use of family representative form.

    anyone please guide me through this
  8. Yes
  9. Thank you :)
  10. 1. Flights tickets are not mandatory
    2. Apply with parents with consent from sister
  11. yes depending on the start date on the TRV.
  12. Hello all,
    Do you know how long it take to get approve for super visa apply from US to visit Canada? Please help.
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