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Visitor visa (TRV) - letter of invitation/host


Jan 15, 2022
I am a Canadian citizen and engaged to a foreign national. My fiance has a cousin living in Canada but is on a work visa and a friend who is a Canadian Citizen. I want her to apply for a TRV now so that she is ready to enter Canada by the time we get married (next year, marrying outside of Canada) and bypass having to wait an entire year for the spousal sponsorship to process before being allowed into Canada to visit and live with me.

My question is which of the following hosts writing her a letter of invitation presents a stronger visa application and has a higher chance of being granted a TRV?

1. Cousin who is an immigrant on a work visa
2. Friend who is a Canadian citizen

Any similar past experiences are much appreciated , thanks :)


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Dec 5, 2021
I am in a similar situation and I made a friend invited my partner. We applied on November 24, 2021. Did biometrics on November 29. No further update until now.
So let's see how it goes
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