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Visitor Visa ( Paper Application) India Lets connect here

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by keyur sharma, May 28, 2018.

  1. Hell everyone,

    Anyone applied for visitor visa from India (Paper Based Application) let’s connect here.

    Date applied:- 15/05/2018
    Applied:- for Parents
    Visa Office:- Bangalore
    Status:- File is still at visa office. ( under process)
  2. Applied:- 01/05/2018
    Applied for:- Parents
    Type:- Paper based
    Visa office:- Banglore
    Status:- Under process
  3. I applied for my Brother in law 15 May
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  4. Applied:- 15/05/2018
    Applied for:- Parents
    Type:- Paper based
    Visa office:- Bangalore
    Status:- Application linked, no updates yet. Shows in process
  5. wow that is taking long time now.

    seems like I am in for a crazy wait.
  6. Applied:- 26/04/2018
    Applied for:- Parents and myself
    Type:- Paper based
    Visa office:- Chandigarh
    Status:- no updates yet. Shows in process
  7. I saw people waiting from last week of april for their decision.
  8. Let us know if you get any response, bcz we are also planning to apply for my brother in law.
  9. Applied on 27th april paper based for parents.
    Got acknowledgement email on 30th april
    Got one more same acknowledgement email on 12th may
    Then on 22nd may got one more email like:-

    “Thank you for making your application to visit Canada! We have received a large number of visitor visa applications from clients wanting to visit Canada at the same time as you.
    We want to assure you that your application is in process and is proceeding normally. We continue to process the applications as quickly as possible.”

    Tracking number shows your file is being processed at canada visa office new delhi

    Hope for the best for everyone.
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  10. Applied:- 09/04/2018
    Applied for:- myself
    Type:- Paper based
    Visa office:- pakistan
    Status:- Under process
  11. Applied Online on May/15 for my Brother in law ,Today May 31 i got the same Acknowledge email feom New Delhi office.
    "THANK you for appling --------
    And UCI number"

    Hope for the best.
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  12. Hi everyone,

    I am going to apply for TRV coz i want to be with my husband who is a canadian citizen while we wait for my PR application? Is there any chance for a denial? Even you are alread married
  13. OK
    I just track today my parents application.
    They courier the passport today from new delhi VO
    Hope for the best for them
    God Bless Them
  14. I applied on 10th April in Islamanad via gerry's vfs global and got a refusal on 24th April from Abu Dahbi office
  15. sir can u let me know reasons of your refusal applied through VFS islamabad whereas i had applied through VFS karachi paper based on april 03 2018 but still no update from cicc and today i had requested canadian high commission islamabad to return the passport.

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