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Visitor Visa for Parents and brother to attend my wedding.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sksincanada, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm getting married to my longtime girlfriend here in Canada :) I'm a Permanent Resident and would like to invite my parents and my younger brother for 3-4 weeks so that they can attend my wedding and be a part of it. They presently live in India.

    My Dad works for Indian Government, Mom is a home maker and dependant on my Dad and my Brother (Age 25) is presently completing his Post Graduate Diploma and working part-time as a Software Developer. I'm providing my family with the notarized invitation letter to attend my wedding and also willing to provide them with the accommodation.

    I have few questions before I proceed with the application:

    1) My Dad will have the NOC and required documents from his employer. What would my brother require from his employer and educational institution? How can we prove that he'll return to India after my wedding?

    2) Since I'm providing my family with the accommodation and sponsoring a part of their visit, will $15,000 in my savings account and $22,000 as Line of Credit be justified as enough funds for their trip? I have a permanent and full-time job and I'll attach my paystubs along with Notice of assessment for 2017 ($80K) with the application.

    3) For financial status in India, my Dad is providing his salary slips, income tax documents, documents for the house that he owns, bank statement with $20,000 in his account and possibly the funds in his PF account since he'll retire in Dec 2021. Do my brother need to show his bank statements separately? Do he need to prove his financial independence?

  2. Your financial don't factor a lot in the approval. Your parents and brother need to apply separately. He will have to show his own savings. His will be the hardest visa to get because he has the least ties to India. Any family dependent on either off them? Wife or children for your brother? Elderly parents for your parents? Have they travelled to other countries that require a visa like Australia, NZ, US, UK, etc? That will help.
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  3. I don’t think so. My brother and my parents applied together. Brother just finished his study and was not working. He was 22 years old. We applied for all together with same documents and they all got visa till 2027.
  4. Thanks to both of you. I think we’ll do a common application.
  5. Your brother needs to apply separately. He is an adult.

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