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Visitor Visa Extended But Leaving Before Completion of Medical Exam

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by cdntourist, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Need your advice...my mother entered in May 2015 from China with her visitor visa and we applied for an extension of stay in October 2015 and she stayed under implied status. In February 2016 she received her extension approval to stay until May 2016 and the application is closed status but in the letter it says she must undergo medical examination within 30 days which she did (in February). This week we received a call from her panel physician and after meeting with him he said that he needs to refer her to a specialist to complete the examination since she had breast cancer 5 years ago (but is now cured). The problem is she is scheduled to return to China this Sunday. This ticket was booked prior to getting the call from the physician. The doctor said he could not arrange her to see a specialist in such short notice.

    Question how does this affect her future status if she was to visit again (we are planning July/August 2017)?

  2. HI

    1. She leaves and she will have to either complete the medical in China or have a new medical when she applies for her next TRV
  3. Thanks PMM! Her Visa does not expire until 2021 does that mean the next time she enters she needs to do a medical prior to entry or after entry? It's hard for my mom to do a medical back home since the closest panel physician is not in her province.
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    Hi cdntourist!
    I have same situation with my mother-in-law. Could you tell how you guys follow up? Was your mother able to come back to Canada? Did you undergo medical exam back home in China? Before next visit or right away after she left?
  5. Hi PMM,

    My mother-in-law is in similar situation as cdntourist mother. You have answered to cdntourist question. Could you advised something on my situation?
    Here is a new thread with details of our situation:

    Thank you for any advise or comment!

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