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Visitor Visa Extended But Leaving Before Completion of Medical Exam

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by demand510, May 15, 2018.

  1. My mother-in-law entered Canada(Toronto) on August 22, 2015 with her visitor visa and we applied for an extension of her stay on January 16, 2016 in order her to stay till April 30, 2016.

    On March 28, 2016 she received request to undergo medical exam which she did right away. Her extension approval to stay until April 30, 2016 was approved on April 13, 2016( Visitor Record document also states that medical examination is required with 30 days). Days before her flight back to Ukraine( April 26 or something) we called her panel physician(it was Dr. Richard Chan, by the way) and were surprised to hear that he actually did not send her med exams to CIC because he needs to refer her to a cardiologist because of her high pressure history to complete the report . But there was no time and available slots to meet cardiologist within this short period of time until her flight back.

    She did not follow-up with CIC and did not undergo new medical exam back in Ukraine. But also there was no additional letters or messages from CIC.

    How could we found out did she fall out of status because of not submitting medicals during that period from April 13 to April 30, 2016? Are there any websites similar to US departure/arrival I94 website where you can check your status compliance? Visitor visa extension application is long time closed and it was even deleted from my list of application in our online account.

    My mother-in-law is planning to visit Canada again in late June 2018. How could we make sure that she would be admitted to Canada? She still her multi-entry visitor visa valid, so she is not applying for visa through visa centre.

    Will making up-front medical with CIC panel physician NOW in Ukraine before her visit in June improve her chances?
    And more importantly will CIC panel physician be able to send report to CIC with no application number attached?

    I called CIC call centre twice, they refused to look in her application and just gave me formal advises. They said that her admission to Canada is at CBSA agent discretion and that they can not tell for sure what outcome might be. They also advised to undergo new up-front medical before entering, but I did not understand whether it is really obligatory or it is just advise which might increase her chances to be admitted. (Just for context, money for new medical exam is not a problem, it's just two CIC panel physician in Ukraine happen to be in cities which are located far away from city where my mother-in-law lives. That's why we need to be sure that it is really will help situation before trying to make this test in far-away city in such short time given.)

    If somebody have experience with similar situation, please share your experience. Especially, if you or your relatives have entered Canada successfully after same issues, please share your experience talking with CBSA agent on the boarder.
  2. Did anybody encounter similar circumstances? Please share your experience or advice!!

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