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Visitor Visa - August 2018 Applicants - India

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ITZKRISH, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I know there are other threads ... However I don't find a specific one for TRVs applied in August , from India -

    August applicants only from India , please post your timelines...

    Seems many July TRV applicants are still waiting for Final Decision.... Though I guess mine will take another 30 days at least to see some movement, I would like to post my timelines..

    TRV applied online for spouse on 29th Aug 2018 ( there was a previous rejection , before marriage )
    Same day, received submission confirmation letter and acknowledgement letter.
    Today , Sept 13th again received a auto generated mail from New Delhi Immigration office , with subject line "visitor Acknowledgement Letter ",
    Don't know the exact meaning of this , however I guess auto generated mail as TRV application is assigned to NDVO...

    Hope to see some update in next 30 days...... counting as usual :)
  2. I applied on 21st Aug through VFS NEW DELHI .. my status is still in process. Hope to get update soon.. good luck
  3. Even I got a same repeated acknowledgement on 11 sep. application submited date 27 Aug. I think they have an errror
  5. I had applied at delhi vfs threw paper submissions n had got the confirmation mail on 29
  6. hello, any august applicants received an update...
  7. Hello Everyone.
    I had applied for visitors visa for my parents on 20 August.
    Got request for passport on 6th sep.
    They got the multiple entry visa only two years.
    Is there any reason that they dint get it for 10 years?
    I applied online, showed my income and my dad's income asset, current employment proof. Wondering why only 2 years?

    Thank you
  8. Hi I have applied through MakeMyTrip and they are using VFS, submitted visa on 10 August , got two mails from immigration for processing two times, still didn’t get visa. Our departure is 20 sept 2018. What can we do on our part?
  9. Congrats,

    is it for your parents ?
    not sure why only for 2 years. what is the expiry date on passport ?
  10. Unfortunately VISA processing times wont change based on applicant's planned travel dates... and it wont impact the outcome as well ( however duration of the travel matters ).

  11. Passport expires in 2025(dad) and 2026(mom). There is a lot of time. I got my PR card in Jan 2017.
  12. Hello All,

    if you do not get the result in the first 3 weeks of application submission then be prepared to wait another 4-5 weeks to get your passport back with a rejection.

    The Consulate in Delhi has been rejecting all time high in 2018. I know of several people whose visas were approved within 3 weeks and whose were refused and they had to wait 6-8 weeks to get their passport back.
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  13. I also applied for my daughter’s visitors visa on 10th august at new delhi, paper based. Still no updates
  14. Did you linked your paper application online , to check your latest status... as you completed average processing times , i guess you will receive an update soon... check whether your review eligibility check started .....
  15. I applied through some agent. So i dont know whether he linked my application online or not. I have one more question. I applied open work permit for myself as my husband is in canada on work permit in noc b category. Will my visa be approved along with my daughter or it be reviewed sometime later. As work permit processing time is about 4 months. My daughter is an infant . So she cant travel alone.

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