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Visit visa application of family to canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Gracierydz, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone!
    It's my first time to post here but i always read threads regarding canada Visit..

    Here is my concern..my husband's aunt wants us to visit canada together but i am thinking of how will we start the online application as my husband is working in Dubai, UAE and me and my son is not there already as we leave UAE last May 2018 because i did not renew my contract as a nurse..when we got home here in the philippines i enrolled my son to nursery school that's why i decided to be a fulltime house wife and bringing him to school then fetch after..now our aunt gave as invitation letter to visit canada for 2 weeks so my husband decided to ask for his 1 month vacation if we will be granted to go for a vacation to canada.. Initially how will we apply online is it advisable that we use only the account of my husband to apply or do i need to create account also? How about our baby? I saw there's an option that one account can apply for other family member but mu my question is where can i upload our bank statement here in the philippines because it is under my name and not my husband if my husband will be the primary applicant? But he have money also in UAE under his account... Please guide me with this as our aunt keep. On asking if we started to apply online.. We are little bit confuse
  2. You can all apply using one account and upload everyone’s documents together. The visa officer knows how to read and identify you and your husband and your respective documents, even if you live in different countries. You can also include cover letters if you want. You’re needlessly overthinking this.
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  3. Thank you for replying.. Sorry but i am really overthinking..especially that i am not working for how many months..I am a housewife now so I'm worried maybe they will question how i get money in my bank account here in the philippines as it is not a joint bank account it is just under my name..my husband is just sending money..is it necessary to upload also my account?is there any limit of ammount or specific amount to declare in canadian dollar? As we planned to stay there for 2 weeks only and my aunt mentioned in her invitation letter that she will shoulder all our expenses if we are there... I've read in other forums other applicants who were rejected because visa officers are not convinced that they will leave canada after the said stay because of financial reason that they afford to stay longer...thank you very much
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    How does your husband send you the money to your account? Don’t you have statements or receipts for that? Yes upload your account.

    Even if your aunt is paying for everything, the applicants themselves have to show the funds that they can support the trip. If you’re 3 going for 2 weeks, you have to show all together CA$9,000 at the very minimum.
  5. Hi. I'm also from the philippines. It's indicated in the website that you need to provide a evidence/reason that you would return to your home country such as properties or businesses. It's usually the case for all other countries.
  6. Thank you for all the reply..my husband already started our application online under his account...i want to ask is on the TRV form we put our current country of residence is Philippines...what about the mailing address do my husband need to put his address in UAE? Cause i am thinking if we will be given a chance and our visitor visa be approve then how is the sending of our passport to for visa stamping is it here in the philippines or need to send it to my husband so he will send there as 1?..lastly..i have new employment offer from UAE as a nurse and planning to go back there anytime but we want to submit our visitor visa aplication first so that we can tour first bIs there any negative effect if our address are not same as of this moment?
  7. The country of residence is asked per applicant in each form. You can answer accordingly.

    You can submit your passport to any VAC around the world if your application is approved, regardless of where you were when you submitted.

    Anything else you mentioned is irrelevant to your application.

    Relax ka lang teh.

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