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Visa rejected

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Kim nguyen, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. My Dad’s got a cancer, now his time is counting on every single day. We want to bring my Dad back to Vietnam to see 2 of my siblings for the last time, but his condition not allowed him too, so we got a letter and everything from Dr, we invited my brother and sister over to Canada to see my Dad for the last time as his wish to see them. But unlucky we got rejected with a very stupid reason that they don’t believe my siblings will not leave Canada, and they have no history of travel..
    is there any other way for us to reapply for them??
    I have ever never disappointed Canada like this, I thought they are very good at humanity, this is got us so upset..
    Any advice would be very appreciated
  2. Sorry to know about your dad's condition. We recently had a similar case from Pakistan where the applicant was refused although her dad had cancer.

    1. How long did they want to visit?

    2. What were the refusal reasons?

    3. Do post the list of documents that each applicant submitted

    4. What ties can each of your siblings demonstrate to Vietnam: Employment/business? Property or land ownership? Financial situation? Dependent family members? Any compelling reasons to return to Vietnam after their Canada visit?
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    1. They were ask for 2 months maximum..
    2. Refusal reason: they never have history of travel before, so Immigration don’t believe that they will leave Canada.
    3. They did submit: employees letter, pay-list, banking information.
    4. They both each have 2 kids, still in school, so there is no reason not to come back, plus their job not so back, and the money saving in their account too..
    If they want to come here they should have try to apply it before they don’t have to wait last minute like this..
    I really have no idea why they been rejected..
    My dad’s desperate to see them..
  4. Two months is too long to visit. It indicates they have weak ties to Vietnam + given the medical condition of your dad, it means they can overstay their visit.

    They must state a visit of max. 3-4 weeks.

    1. What documents did they submit for your dad's medical condition?

    2. Did they include an invitation letter? If yes, who invited them + the list of documents from the Canadian host?

    3. Did they prove they have the finances to afford the visit, including the airfare? Hopefully their bank balances matched their sources of income.

    4. Do they own property? Any loans (to buy a vehicle) or mortgages (for the property or land purchase)?

    5. Do they live in the same household with their families?

    6. Do they live with any other dependent family members such as in-laws or grandparents?

    7. Can each of them prove they have compelling reasons to return to Vietnam after their Canada visit?

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